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Efficient, streamlined account verification to safeguard payments and help prevent fraud (USA only).

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Verify accounts quickly and seamlessly – and transact with confidence

Payment fraud will cost merchants an estimated US$48b in 2023, but pre-transaction account verification can help prevent fraud and mitigate losses across the customer lifecycle.

Verification is not always straightforward – it involves checking account numbers and balances, ensuring that accounts are valid, confirming transactional authority, identifying potential risk, and much more.

To help you overcome these challenges, we offer unique, dual-method account verification that empowers you to implement a dynamic verification workflow. This in turn triggers the most appropriate account verification method for your needs and, importantly, protects the customer experience.

With our integrated bank database and open banking solution, you can verify accounts, safeguard payments and reduce unauthorised returns – all in real time and via a single API:

  • Verify vendor and client bank account information for both individuals and businesses
  • Ensure accounts are valid and in good standing, and that the individual is authorised to act on the account
  • Access network insights to flag accounts which may be at particularly high risk of fraud

Key figures

  • 200 million
    Last year, we enabled our clients to verify account information for over 200 million transactions.
  • 95%
    We offer multi-method coverage of 95% of US deposit accounts.

Features and benefits

What account verification offers you


Authoritative account verification

Secure payments, reduce fraud and transact with confidence. 


Easily enhanced efficiency

Boost your efficiency with a single API solution and free up time to focus on other compliance-related tasks or revenue-generating opportunities.


Comprehensive coverage

Access the largest coverage of bank account data in the US – covering 95% of consumer and business bank account records. 


Better customer experiences

Deliver better customer experiences by leveraging our configurable waterfall approach that optimises the payment experience and maximises conversions.

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Our specialists will tailor an account verification solution to help solve your specific needs.

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