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Efficient, streamlined bank account verification that empowers you to safeguard payments, mitigate fraud, and transact with confidence. USA Only. Formerly known as GIACT.

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Verify bank accounts and their owners quickly and seamlessly – and transact with confidence

Payment fraud cost merchants an estimated US$48b in 2023 – and is set to balloon further in 2024. Pre-transaction bank account verification can help prevent fraud and mitigate losses across the customer lifecycle.

Verification is not always straightforward – it involves checking bank account numbers, balances, ensuring that accounts are valid and ACH capable, noting the type of bank account used, confirming transactional authority, identifying potential risk, and much more.

To help you overcome these challenges, we offer unique dual-method bank account verification that empowers you to implement a dynamic verification workflow. This in turn triggers the most appropriate bank account verification method for your needs and, importantly, protects the customer experience.

With our integrated bank database solution and open banking solution, you can verify bank accounts and ownership, safeguard payments and reduce ACH returns – all in real time and via a single API:

  • Verify vendor and client bank account information for both individuals and businesses
  • Ensure accounts are valid and in good standing, and that the individual is authorised to act on the account
  • Access network insights to flag accounts with high velocity usage which may be at particularly high risk of fraud
  • Drive improved customer experiences by implementing a configurable waterfall approach, making the most of our two interoperable solutions

Trusted by 900+ organisations

Including 24/Fortune 100, 4/10 largest US banks, 9/10 largest US insurance companies

Recognised by Nacha as a Preferred Partner

We’re proud to be a preferred partner of Nacha, the ACH governing body, in the categories of compliance and risk and fraud prevention. Preferred partners are those with robust, innovative solutions that help advance the ACH network and support network participants. Learn more.

Features and benefits

What account verification offers you


Leading Coverage

Access the largest coverage of bank account data in the US – covering 95% of consumer and business bank account records


Maximise Conversions

Convert more good customers, reduce abandonment rates


Reduce Payments Risk

Reduce payments risk, minimise fraud and limit ACH returns


Increase Efficiency

Our integrated database solution and open banking solution enable real-time verifications through a single API


Optimise the Payments Experience

Our configurable waterfall approach supports maximum conversions by enabling you to adjust user friction levels


Complementary Solutions

Strengthen your authentication procedures with complementary solutions that provide additional insights

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