Enhanced Due Diligence

Snapshot Due Diligence Reports

Automated, data-driven reports enhanced by our analysts that deliver essential information on entities and individuals, fast and cost-effectively.

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Why choose Snapshot reports?

Snapshot is designed to help you make quicker, better decisions by understanding any associated risk, whether regulatory, financial or reputational which could impact your business.

Quick and concise
Snapshot reports deliver a quick, concise and indicative view of a company or an individual’s risk exposure, helping you determine your next due diligence step.

Meet compliance obligations
Each report helps you make better decisions while meeting your compliance and regulatory obligations for third-party, know your customer (KYC) and pre-investment risk searches.

Leveraging technology
We leverage robotics, artificial intelligence and natural language processing to create each unique report, which our analysts review and enhance.

Simple delivery
One company or individual per report in English, as many reports as you need.

Features and benefits

What you get with Snapshot

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Quick turnaround

Your Snapshot report will be ready in hours.

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Intuitive format

Delivered in an easy-to-read consistent, tabular format that lets you pinpoint the information you need fast.


Broader coverage

Business information, compliance, media and reputational checks not typically available in initial or introductory reports. 

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Scalable price point

Get to know more about a greater number of your relationships with competitive and cost-effective pricing

Product in action

See Snapshot in action

Targeted information

Snapshot will provide you with targeted, essential information including:

  • Business overview information, such as the name of an organisation, its address and details of the main officer.
  • World-Check record.
  • Adverse information from news sources and open sources.
  • Country risk.

Leading-edge technology

Snapshot leverages robotics, AI and natural language processing (NLP) to create reports in an attended automation format – in other words, report sections are produced with automated technology and then checks and controls are performed by our analysts to ensure clients get the best of all worlds: speed, accuracy and targeted insight.

Seamless integration

Our report ordering portal integrates seamlessly with existing applications and offers secure ordering and case tracking, with 24/7 access. The portal is also available via our dedicated API, which offers direct connection for a simplified and streamlined experience. Our API functionality includes risk tables to summarise EDD findings.

Use cases

Snapshot as an industry solution

Enahnced due diligence

When you need to know more

Get a high level of scrutiny

Fulfil your due diligence obligations and identify potential criminal activity with information from reputable public domain sources. World-Check data will also help you fulfil your Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) monitoring requirements.

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