LSEG Third-Party Risk Screener

Accurate, high-volume screening to quickly identify third-party risk.

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Identify potential risk linked to any third-party – quickly and cost-effectively.

The third-party risk landscape continues to evolve. As a result, organisations find themselves tasked with a range of challenges, including building resilient supply chains, identifying potential third-party risks, managing costs, meeting increasing reporting requirements, and many others.

Moreover, new risks – including cyber, ESG, financial and geopolitical – continue to emerge, and at the same time, firms must comply with a growing number of global regulations governing third-party risk management. All of this must be managed at a time when compliance, risk management and procurement teams are experiencing reduced resources and pressure to “do more with less.”

To help you better manage these challenges and build a holistic third-party risk management programme, we have developed our Third-Party Risk Screener, a single solution incorporating multiple third-party risk data sets that allows you to gain an initial understanding of potential risk across your supplier and distribution networks.

The solution helps you identify instances where more in-depth investigations, such as enhanced due diligence, may be necessary.

Risk data sets

Access trusted data

Leveraging our best-in-class World-Check data, Third-Party Risk Screener combines several additional risk data sets to help you make more informed decisions:

  • Corporate entity data: This data set draws on two industry-leading sources to provide maximum global coverage. Combined, they contain over 500 million records of entities around the world.
  • Compliance risk data: Our compliance risk data is powered by LSEG World-Check, our leading screening service that accelerates and simplifies third-party compliance processes by enabling detailed screening and monitoring of individuals and entities across your supply chain network.
  • Adverse media: Our Media Check solution leverages advanced machine learning capabilities to filter and refine volumes of unstructured content from over 10,500 print and web sources, covering multiple industry sectors and languages.
  • Ownership information: Ownership information is provided by a trusted industry partner and covers over 400 million companies across 190 countries. Intermediate and beneficial owners are included to help you build a clear understanding of complex ownership relationships, as well as understand possible connections to sanctioned, watch listed or other high-risk entities.
  • Country risk information: Our Country Risk Ranking dataset helps you understand jurisdictional risk by delivering detailed, risk-based information across more than 240 countries and territories. Drawing from over 300 independent sources, this solution offers criminal, economic, and geopolitical risk information on more than 240 countries and territories.

Features and benefits

What Third-Party Risk Screener offers you

Trusted data from a market leader

Leverage accurate data to gain an initial understanding of the multi-dimensional risk profile of any third-party.

Comprehensive risk coverage

Understand a third-party’s full risk profile in line with the evolving risk landscape.

Risk scoring

Categorise your third parties according to level of risk so you can focus your team’s time, efforts, and resources on your riskiest third parties.

Support a risk-based approach

Implement a defensible third-party risk management programme with a dedicated third-party risk screening solution as the foundation.


Manage supply chain risk cost-effectively

Screen critical sub-tier suppliers (nth-tier parties) to minimise your exposure to supply chain disruptions.


Contract with a single solution provider

Unify multiple risk management efforts under one solution, minimising contract management challenges and the risk of siloed information.


Implement ongoing monitoring

Confidently maintain your relationship with an onboarded third-party via continuous monitoring of key third-party risks.

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