Financial crime

Adverse media screening

Access quality controlled, relevant pre- and post-conviction adverse media information from reliable sources on individuals and entities starting from the earliest indication of potential risk through to any conviction. 

Adverse media screening forms a crucial part of customer or third-party due diligence processes to uncover risks indicating a party’s potential involvement in alleged criminal activity which could bring financial, reputational or other types of risks to your business.


What is adverse media?

Adverse media, or negative news, is unfavourable news or information that can be found in multiple reference sources. It is generally considered to include allegations published by news sources and other publications that report on convictions for, or alleged involvement in, money-laundering, corruption, sanctions exposure, threat financing or other unlawful activity.

Ensuring your organisation has access to quality adverse media content, both structured and unstructured, is essential to being able to identify potential risks and make informed decisions during onboarding and on-going monitoring in order to comply with laws and regulations and drive your business forward with confidence.

What are the common challenges?

Our solution

Find the clear signal in the noise

Our solutions will help you manage potentially adverse media in line with your compliance obligations and in-house policies.

  • LSEG World-Check data includes “structured” adverse media, displayed within the database in our highly structured format helping you identify entities and individuals reported in the reputable media as being accused, questioned, investigated, arrested, charged, or convicted of specific offences that World-Check monitors.
  • Tackle the challenge of dealing with large amounts of “unstructured” media content with the use of World-Check One Media Check, a highly customisable screening tool that uses intelligent tagging and natural language processing to improve efficiency and relevancy of returns search results.
  • Get assurance of quality, structured, vetted adverse media information, in addition to sanctions, law enforcement, regulatory enforcement and official government sources, we use reputable media sources in line with our strict inclusion criteria and guidelines.
  • Choose which records to screen against pursuant to your own policies, procedures and risk-based approach – by setting parameters to filter via secondary identifiers, keywords, categories, sub-categories, location and more.
  • With the Special Interest Categories feature, you can select and filter the categories relevant to your business’s risk-based approach and legal or regulatory requirements. By being able to select topics of interest, according to your specific needs, you will get a far more granular view of potential risks associated to both the pre- and post-conviction records included in the World-Check database. 
Adverse media screening isa key part of customer or third party due diligence.That's why quality structured risk information is vital.LSEG World-Check data includespre and post conviction stages of covered issues.We've introduced the specialinterest categories to help youidentify and assess the risks that matter to you faster.We've combined our expertise in artificial intelligence,machine learning, natural language processing,expansive taxonomy,and human review to categorize records with60 plus potential risk topic areasincluding exploitation of children,money laundering, human trafficking, extortion,environmental crime, cybercrime, wildlife crime,and bribery and corruption.You can choose specific special interest topicsrelevant to your business aspart of your screening processes.Returned results are clearly marked to help you toidentify the potential risks included in records.The special interest categoriesfeature is designed to assistyou in your decision making andcompliance with laws and regulations.Identify potential risks relevant to your business.Reduce false positives andalleviate remediation workload.And manage financial, operational,reputational, and third party risks.Better contact us today to find out more.
  • 240
    countries and territories covered
  • 400+
    research analysts
  • 65+
  • 100,000+
    reputable sources
  • 50,000
    new records added monthly


Why our adverse media screening is used worldwide


Flexible solutions

We ensure a range of convenient and varied delivery methods for our data, including data feeds, API's and our flagship risk platform World-check One.


Latest technology advances

We utilise advanced AI capabilities to help pinpoint information that is most important to you, helping you filter out the noise.


A trusted provider

We have been delivering timely and accurate adverse media data for over two decades and is used by the world’s largest financial institutions and companies. 

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Our specialists will tailor an adverse media screening solution to help solve your specific needs.

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