Index solutions for wealth management

The index to which your ETF is benchmarked makes a difference. FTSE Russell indices enable you to capture your clients' investment requirements with greater precision.

Trusted benchmark solutions across asset classes and investment

Wealth managers, private banks, family offices, registered investment advisors (RIAs) and independent financial advisors (IFAs) choose investment products based on FTSE Russell indices because they know that ETFs, passive funds and structured products based on a well-constructed index help them to capture their clients' investment objectives with more precision.

Our world-famous indices, such as the Russell US Indexes, also provide investment professionals with best-in-class tools to assess the performance of their investments, compare markets and make better informed decisions about asset allocation and investment opportunities.

Key features

Why FTSE Russell?


Trusted benchmarks for $20 trillion of assets under management


Defined by the market, not by Committee 



Forward-thinking methodologies founded on rigorous research   


 A true picture of the market across asset classes  

Resources for wealth advisors and managers

FTSE Russell index-linked ETFs and Derivatives

Discover ETFs and Derivatives that track FTSE Russell indices.

Russell US Indexes - Your Index Matters

It is a common misperception that two indexes covering the same market segment must be, essentially, interchangeable. But a better constructed index can enable you to capture your clients’ investment requirements with greater precision and get earlier access to fast-growing stocks. How your index is constructed and maintained may sound theoretical – but the potential impact on performance is real.  

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