Index-linked products

Indices are what power index-linked products like ETFs, tracker funds, structured products or other derivatives. All indices are not created equally.

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Investors choosing products linked to FTSE Russell indices can gain access to a range of asset classes, regions and categories, helping them track index performance or manage risk.


FTSE Russell Index-based derivatives include futures and options, financial contracts that provide investors with exposure to the performance of an asset class or group of stocks in a single trade. They are often used as risk-hedging tools bought with the expectation that the value of the underlying index will increase or decrease during the time of the contract. Investors choosing these products can gain access to more difficult to reach asset classes, regions and categories.

FTSE Russell does not distribute futures or options products. These products are listed for trading on the exchanges noted below; please contact the exchange or your broker for more information.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

FTSE Russell indices are used by ETF issuers in every corner of the world. Our transparent approach combines rules-based, research-driven methodologies with strong, independent governance to create high-quality indices for issuers of equity, fixed income, smart beta, factor, REIT and ESG ETFs.

Our index data is supplemented by proprietary research and a global team of product specialists supporting issuers, distributors and end-users of ETFs.

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The right ETF starts with the right index.

Collective Investment Trusts (CITs)

Indices are driving the growth of Collective Investment Trusts (CITs), and all indices are not created equally.

More than $4.5T of investment product assets passively track FTSE Russell indices (source: Cerulli Associates, 2020). Institutional investors around the world select these investment products to build portfolios that meet their clients’ specific investment objectives. Analytics tools designed for retirement plan sponsors support proportional allocation to asset classes and potentially improve risk-adjusted returns, along with simple portfolio-level performance reporting and customisable capabilities like ESG ratings.


FTSE Russell is a trading name of FTSE International Limited, Frank Russell Company, FTSE Global Debt Capital Markets Inc., FTSE Global Debt Capital Markets Limited, MTSNext Limited, Mergent, Inc., FTSE Fixed Income LLC, The Yield Book Inc and Beyond Ratings S.A.S., which are subsidiaries of London Stock Exchange Group plc. FTSE International Limited or FTSE Fixed Income LLC (where identified in the index rules for the index as the “administrator”), is responsible for the governance of the FTSE Russell index. Where it is the administrator, FTSE International Limited or FTSE Fixed Income LLC manages, calculates and distributes the FTSE Russell index in accordance with the index rules and FTSE Russell index policies. In such cases, the index rules are approved by the internal FTSE Russell Product Governance Board. All FTSE Russell staff are subject to policies pertaining to confidentiality, management of conflicts of interest, treatment of inside information and dealing in securities.

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