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Cut through the noise and deliver the world’s market-leading news and analytics services to your customers.

Distribute critical global financial markets insights to your customers in real-time. Delivering real-time news to an investment community is never easy. Firms must decipher what news is relevant to which user, draw on vast amounts of metadata, and ensure the user experience is hyper-personalized simultaneously. To succeed, firms need the information to help their customers reach critical decisions, drive trading, and enhance the value perception of their business.

Why is reliable, relevant news and analytics so important?

Digital users expect to be able to find the news they require in seconds. There is a constant overflow of information in financial markets, so the ability to deliver key, relevant information in real-time can be a significant differentiator for firms. Having reliable data combined with the right digital tools helps firms cut through the noise to deliver tailored insights, improving efficiency and user experience.

Our solution

Fast and relevant news to drive efficiency and increase productivity

We are the exclusive provider of the world’s most trusted news brand, Reuters, providing the information firms need to help their customers reach critical decisions and drive trade.  With 2,500+ journalists globally, LSEG owns exclusive redistribution rights to Reuters news to financial firms and professionals, offering cutting-edge tagging and metadata that allows them to deliver their customers precisely what they need, quickly and efficiently.

We have 10,000+ specialist in-house brands and other relevant news sources worldwide backed by a powerful search capability that ensures fast delivery of news alerts, stories, and insights. Our cutting-edge AI, search, and analytics capabilities ensure the fastest discovery and delivery of the best news alerts and stories, insights, and analytics resulting in actionable news and information of precise relevance.

Our News data coverage

  • 2500+
    Journalists globally
  • 1,000+
    real-time newswires
  • 6000+
    global press sources
  • 3,600+
    web news sources

What you get with our News and Analytics

  • Reuters top news produces the biggest business and political stories and images that are moving markets and making global headlines. It’s updated 24/7 by experienced global and local editors, organized into sector, region, and “channel topics” that cover markets, industries, companies, and regions.
  • Reuters Breakingviews, the world’s leading source of agenda-setting, predictive financial insight. Customers benefit from commentary and in-depth analysis of key financial stories as they break, across all asset classes.
  • Through Intelligent Tagging, advisors can add a layer of personalization, curation and relevancy to the news provided to clients. Intelligent Tagging is the core natural language processing engine to tag and index unstructured text, to create intelligent metadata-tags leveraging our PermIDs. This enables advisors to identify and link objects such as organizations, instruments, funds, issuers and people across LSEG, third-party and proprietary content. 
  • Reuters equities and market news, offering breaking company, economic, and political news and insight in more than 15 languages, including fast-alert headlines, summaries of key broker ratings, and price target revisions in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.
  • Third-party textual news provides a more comprehensive view of the market for clients and meets local and domestic needs by offering access to hundreds of real-time newswires focusing on a wide variety of agendas in multiple languages.
  • Reuters online reports offers market-moving, rolling top-10 around-the-clock stories and images across a wide range of news categories, spanning economics, markets, companies, and equities in the U.S., UK, France, Germany, and Japan.
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