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Investor beliefs and values are changing and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are becoming crucial to meet new expectations. We offer the most comprehensive ESG database in the industry to help you differentiate and personalize the client experience.

Driving sustainable and socially responsible investing

Business ethics and corporate governance are now moving to the forefront as metrics to identify how well a company is performing. Investors are increasingly demanding that environmental issues be factored into their portfolios, and financial professionals in response, need to adapt and differentiate their services by incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their investing workflow.

Sustainability must become the new norm – and be at the heart of everyday decisions that we make as citizens, as consumers and as investors.

Elena Philipova

Global Head of ESG Proposition at LSEG

Why is ESG becoming a key requirement?

ESG investing continues to grow in popularity and is steadily moving into mainstream investment strategies across the globe. In the past, there was a general perception that ESG investing meant screening out stocks and consequently limiting the universe of opportunity, but the market has matured and ESG investing is no longer viewed as potentially detrimental to performance.

ESG and sustainability considerations have now become central to investor and corporate and decision-making. COVID-19 has accelerated this mindset shift by demonstrating that managing social and environmental challenges is essential.

With investors more interested than ever in their portfolios reflecting and supporting the issues they care about such as ESG factors, wealth managers need to ensure that they are catering to the changing needs of investors and continually looking to differentiate their advice. 

34% of investors globally are more interested in ESG investing than 6-12 months ago, rising to 61% for millennial investors.

Redefining Investor Data Needs LSEG Report

A LSEG report

Our solution

Differentiate with our ESG data

We provide Environmental, Social and Governance data to help wealth advisors integrate ESG factors into the investment workflow, including portfolio analysis, equity research, screening or quantitative analysis. Our ESG data enables wealth advisors to screen over 80% of global market cap across 100s of ESG metrics so they can efficiently meet investment mandates and provide insight into sustainable investments to customers. 

We help market participants easily assess the ESG risks and opportunities in portfolios, benchmark against peer companies and make more informed investment decisions with a socially responsible investment mandate or interest.

Our ESG data coverage

Providing the financial industry with ESG data and tools for the last 20+ years across 76 countries with a global market cap of 80%

  • 630+
    ESG metrics, including scores and grades
  • 1.8Mn
    officers and directors
  • 769k
    individual fixed income securities
  • 11k+
    companies with ESG data

What you get with our ESG data

  • More data measures, coverage, history and better standardization: We offer 630+ ESG data points, 70+ ESG analytics, metrics and grades from FY2002 for over 11,800 companies. This unique insight makes data comparisons easier for advisors.
  • Trusted and comparable data: Our ESG scores remain comparable and reliable based on three core calculation principles; Relative benchmarking, materiality and transparency weighting.
  • Seamless and intuitive, integration and access: Wealth firms can seamlessly integrate financial and non-financial data points and analytics into their digital workflows to give their investors the full picture of which companies fit their investment strategy.
  • Transparency and auditability: Transparency is key. The ESG data is sourced from publicly available sources and auditability is offered with links back to the information source document as well as our researchers’ comments.
  • Index services business: We provide wealth clients with a suite of services which enable them to use our ESG data to create their own indices or for us to calculate or administer ESG Indices. 
  • Flexible delivery: Our ESG data is available in our advisor, client, and feed solutions via LSEG Data Platform: RESTful JSON API and BULK API.
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