FTSE CoreCommodity CRB® Indices

Our Commodity Index offerings are up-to-date, highly recognisable, and give multiple types of exposure.

Why choose commodity indices?

Our commodity indices track baskets of commodities to reflect price movements and are recognised as a major barometer of commodity prices and markets.

Designed to provide exposure to the global commodities industry, all indices have a strong connection to the Commodity Research Bureau (CRB®) name, and many are tracked by Exchange Traded Funds and other derivatives.

FTSE CoreCommodity CRB® Indices are administered by Refinitiv Benchmark Services Limited (RBSL), authorised as a Benchmark Administrator under UK BMR.

How it works

Commodity indices in more detail

FTSE CoreCommodity – CRB® Index (Administered by RBSL)

A basket of 19 commodities, including energy contracts, agriculture, precious metals, and industrial metals, the Index acts as a representative indicator of commodity markets.

FTSE CoreCommodity CRB® Non-Energy Index

Commodity indices with a higher exposure to agricultural commodities and metals. Crude oil, heating oil, natural gas, and RBOB gasoline are removed from the standard index.

FTSE Core Commodity CRB® Non-Agriculture and Livestock Index

This index provides enhanced exposure to metals and energy (excluding agriculture and livestock).

Index announcements

Stay up-to-date and read the latest index change notices and announcements.

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