Sustainability strategy

Sustainability strategy

Positioned at the heart of capital markets, we are uniquely placed to drive long-term sustainable economic growth across global economies.

We partner across the marketplace, and with other industry leaders, to champion the role responsible businesses and investors play in accelerating the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy. 

This goes beyond creating sustainable products and being a responsible business ourselves. It’s about embedding sustainability as a fundamental part of our strategy and culture. 

Our intent is also to support and encourage our people to volunteer, to play active roles in the communities in which we work and to work together on action on the environment and climate change. 

We achieve this by:

1. Transforming the global financial eco-system:​​​​​​

  • We work across the market to champion transparency and support the shift to a net-zero sustainable economy. Put simply, we help enable long-term investment and capital raising to achieve this critical transition.
  • We use our data, forward-thinking technology and expertise to facilitate engagement between issuers and investors and help our customers to make sustainable investment and business decisions.
  • We collaborate with policymakers and regulators to break down barriers to sustainable business and investment, meaning capital markets are oriented for long-term sustainable development.

2. Transforming our operations and culture while supporting the wider community:

  • We champion sustainable and responsible business practices, by ensuring our operations and supply chain are environmentally responsible. Our environmental ambitions are underpinned by science-based targets, aligning with the Paris Climate Agreement trajectory to achieve net-zero emissions.
  • We support the communities we operate in through charitable grants and social impact partnerships, alongside empowering our colleagues globally to support the charitable causes and campaigns that are meaningful to them.

Our progressive sustainability strategy combines the two pillars described above, which build from one another and are overseen by a Group Sustainability Committee.

Our leadership position on sustainability aims to reflect our sustainability proposition in the marketplace in our own operations.  

We seek to achieve positive impacts for society and the environment through our approach and drive associated change in the economy through our capabilities and partnerships