LSEG Capital Markets Days 2023

LSEG hosted its Capital Markets Days (CMD) on 16 and 17 November 2023. The CMD consisted of presentations from David Schwimmer, CEO, Anna Manz, CFO, Satvinder Singh, Head of Data & Analytics and Ron Lefferts, Head of Sales & Account Management as well as breakout sessions with various divisional heads.

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An outline of the agenda is provided below.

Agenda for November 16, 2023
Time Activity
16:45 GMT  Registration at 10 Paternoster Square
17:30 – 18:30 GMT David Schwimmer (CEO) and Anna Manz (CFO) presentations
19:00 – 21:00 GMT Dinner
Agenda for November 17, 2023
Time Activity
08:00 – 09:00 GMT Registration and breakfast at 10 Paternoster Square
09:00 – 09:45 GMT Satvinder Singh (Head of Data & Analytics) and Ron Lefferts, (Head of Sales & Account Management) presentations
10:00 – 13:00 GMT Break-out sessions
Workflows and Analytics | Data Feeds and Data Intelligence | Capital Markets | Post Trade | Transformation | Demos/downtime
13:00 GMT Lunch
13:50 - 15:15 GMT Break-outs continued
15:15 – 16:15 GMT Panel Q&A
David Schwimmer (CEO), Anna Manz (CFO), Satvinder Singh (Head of Data & Analytics) and Ron Lefferts, (Head of Sales & Account Management)
16:30 GMT Market close event

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In the world of financenames can be a bit misleading.Take ours, for instance.Pronounced L-SEGAKA London Stock Exchange Group.Sure, we're in Londonbut we're also here [Paris] , here [Shanghai] and here [Singapore].In fact, we do business in 190 countries.We're practically everywhere......except here [the moon] ...well, not yet anyway.We're proud to be one of the world's biggestmost international stock exchangesconnecting capital with ideas for centuriesbut that's just part of what we do.Today, we connect the news, information, insights and systemsto create possibility across the marketspartnering with almost every major financial firm in the world.You see others do some of what we do,but not everything we do.Instead of LSEG we could have called ourselves...The-London-and-practically-every-other-place-in-the-world-stocks-bonds-currency-data-analytics-indices-risk-management-clearing-exchange-multi-asset-class-group…But that's a little wordy.LSEG.

LSEG creates possibility across the financial markets

Watch the Microsoft and LSEG partnership come to life in this short video. It captures just a few different aspects of the seamless functionality and workflow that LSEG and Microsoft are building together.

Watch an illustration of how the LSEG Microsoft Partnership will deliver enhanced data discoverability for financial professionals using AI, LSEG data and analytics and Microsoft's innovative technology solutions.

Investment bankers need to accessand review various sources of information,extract insights, and ensurealignment across team members.To effectively prepare for client meetings,Microsoft is introducinga new Microsoft Team Sap that streamlinesmeeting preparation for financial serviceswith a focus on investment bankers.It is powered by generative AI,Microsoft Cloud for financial Services,L News and analytics.Monica is an investment banker at Woodgrove Bank.She has an upcoming meeting withone of her top clients, Fabricam.Monica navigates to the meeting invite inMicrosoft and clicks on meeting prep.She is off to a flying start with a single view ofFabricam's key financial newsand data from LS eg workspace.To gain an overview of potential topics for discussion,Monica quickly looks her new themes whichhighlight trending topics discussing Fabricam.Next she clicks on ESG and Environment.To review, she instantlyhas access to the most relevant news andtranscripts from thousands of elsesources consolidated into one concise read,saving her hours of research.Monica's attention is then drawn to the action items fromthe last internal meeting discussingfabricam generated by Microsoft graph.Upon review, she is satisfied thatall critical action items have been completed.These insights are supplemented byall the prior work andrelated files created by Monica's team,All neatly consolidated inone place to makethe client meeting as productive as possible,Monica wants to send a noteto Abby and Hannah at Fabricam.She clicks draft e mail to client.The meeting prop app generates a draft e mail,saving Monica valuable time.She copies it to Outlook and reviews forpotential adjustmentsbefore sending it off to her clients.A few hours prior to the meeting,Monica opens the meeting prep report on her tablet.It refreshes the data.She sees updated informationunder key highlights for the meetingbased on recent news and scrollsdown to see the latest materials for her team.She clicks on the meeting presentation feelingconfident that she haseverything she needs for a successful meeting.Monica has been able to compressdays of work down to minutes.This is just one example of howMicrosoft is working with strategic partners suchas Elseg to drive AI transformation andempower financial services organizations to achieve more.Learn more about the future offinancial services in the era ofAI at Akash Cloud for financial services.

In this demo we showcase the new Microsoft Teams app that streamlines meeting preparation for financial services with a focus on investment bankers. It is powered by Generative AI, Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services in LSEG news, data, and analytics.

Meet Luna, an equity salesperson at Contoso Bank. Today, she's been working closely on a deal with Evergreen, a private wealth fund manager, who is looking for a complex structured note with some pharmaceutical exposure.As Contoso's top trader, Priya knows timing is key to capitalize on the market movement. She’ll have to review the calibration of the volatility surface using the SABR model and optimize the structure based on the new terms.With Microsoft Visual Studio Code and LSEG’s Analytics Python SDK, this’ll be easy.LSEG’s analytics library lets Priya easily pricesophisticated instruments using natural language and the power of generative AI. This saves her valuable time and provides a significant advantage to the business. At her prompting, Copilot in Visual Studio Code, powered by LSEG analytics, easily formulates a response.Almost immediately, she gets the required scenario analysis results, the curve is plotted on Visual Studio Code and the output is ready to be sent. Now Priya can share the results in Teamsby specifying this in the code and selecting the conversation with Luna.In mere moments, the price is updated and ready to be shared,along with some critical sensitivity measures, too. Luna confidently relays the results to her eager client who selects their optimal structure and closes the deal on this highly sophisticated product in a matter of minutes,ahead of other competitors in the industry,all thanks to LSEG's Analytics and AI solutions combined with Copilot in Visual Studio Code from Microsoft. 

In this workflow illustration we demonstrate some of the increased efficiencies and customer outcomes we are driving with LSEG's Analytics Python SDK combined with Copilot in Visual Studio Code from Microsoft.