Trading Statistics

We produce a number of publications on trading statistics, factbooks and information on fees to help you understand our business.

London Stock Exchange Statistics

Daily trading last five days including current intra-day (Equity Order Book turnover and trades).

The Monthly Market Report contains trading statistics on a combined basis for all Group markets.

The Main Market Fact Sheet contains information on both domestic and international listed companies. It also provides information on companies admitted to trading on AIM. 

The Secondary Market Fact Sheet contains trading information on domestic, international and AIM companies. Other information includes trading by business sector, FTSE index and country.

  • The AIM Market Statistics contains details of new companies admitted, further issues of shares and trading for companies on our AIM market.

    New Issues and IPO Summary: Detailed statistics on UK and international companies admitted to the Main market or AIM. Includes information on the method of issue, money raised and market value for companies.

    Further Issues includes details on further issues and money raised.

    Historic Statistics contains data on an annual basis covering both primary and secondary market from 1963.

    The List of All Companies provides a list of UK, international and AIM companies, searchable by sector and market.

    Fees for Issuers

    Admission fees are payable on all applications for trading securities on the Exchange, based on the market value of those securities at the time of application. Two different fee scales are applied for admission fees – one for new companies joining the market and the other for further issues of securities by companies already admitted to trading.

    Annual fees are payable by all companies which have either equity securities or certificates representing shares admitted into trading.

    We provide a fees calculator designed to help calculate the admission and annual fees for equity and certificates representing shares admitted to trading on the Exchange.

    Trading Services Fees

    Transaction and Exchange charges relate to trades being executed on the Exchange - orders placed/deleted and trades matched by the Exchange's trading system. Market Maker charges apply to market makers registered to make a two way price. Find out more about tariffs and schemes.


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