As our global presence grows, we continue to engage with the increasing number of communities where we operate, aiming to make a positive impact from a business, social and environmental perspective.

LSEG Foundation

LSEG Foundation was established in 2010 to be the primary channel of the Group’s charitable giving and a focal point for staff engagement with charities. Its approach and positioning are aligned with the overall Group CS strategy, and also recognise the global reach of LSEG’s business model. In 2019, LSEG Foundation donated over £1.4 million, and the impact of donations is closely aligned to its core mission of empowering people and enriching communities.

UNICEF Partnership

UNICEF has been LSEG’s global charity partner for over 20 years. A key project between LSEG and UNICEF is Zambian Girls 2030, which aims to equip more than 11,000 Zambian girls with employability skills and help them access formal employment in Zambia. LSEG also contributes to the UNICEF UK Children’s Emergency Fund.


The LSEG Foundation Challenge took place from 1 September to 31 October 2019 and saw colleagues compete in two areas, the Regional Challenge, which measured the proportion of volunteering hours donated by staff in each region and the Most Innovative Challenge, where volunteering initiatives from across the Group were evaluated by regional charity chairs and the LSEG Foundation Board against three criteria: innovation, collaboration and impact. The Regional Challenge saw over 2,400 volunteering hours donated by more than 400 LSEG staff during the two-month period, with Malaysia the winning region, receiving an additional grant to support their chosen charity in 2020. The Most Innovative Challenge was won by a team in Romania for running eco workshops for orphaned children, the team also won an additional grant for their chosen charity. This year we also launched a volunteering initiative in
partnership with the Centre for Entrepreneurs the UK’s leading entrepreneurship foundation, as part of their NEF (New Entrepreneur’s Foundation) Fast Track programme. This programme, in collaboration with LSEG, enabled five young entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds in the UK to benefit from business coaching and mentoring. They then had the opportunity to present a business pitch to a panel and two of these entrepreneurs won places on our ELITE platform to support the future growth of their businesses.

For further information on our initiatives in our communities, please refer to our CS Report, pages 29-33.