Frequently asked questions
How can I find out the price of London Stock Exchange shares?

There are a number of places where the price of our shares is available:

Our website at www.londonstockexchange.com

Reuters - LSEG.L

Bloomberg - LSEG LN

Thomson Financial - ILX LSEG-LN

Contact your broker. 

How can I purchase or sell LSEG shares?

To purchase or sell shares in LSEG, you should contact your broker or sharedealing service, in the same way as if you were buying shares in any company traded on the London Stock Exchange's markets. Follow link to Find a Broker (link to http://www.londonstockexchange.com/traders-and-brokers/private-investors...)

Can anybody buy shares in LSEG?

Yes. Like most listed companies anyone can purchase shares in LSEG.

Is membership of the Exchange and ownership of shares the same thing?

No. Any person can purchase shares in LSEG and by doing so become a shareholder of London Stock Exchange Group plc. However, membership of the Exchange is restricted to those firms that are able to satisfy the criteria for membership set out in the Rules of the London Stock Exchange.

Is stamp duty payable on transactions in LSEG shares?

Yes. As London Stock Exchange Group plc is incorporated in England and Wales, stamp duty on share purchases is payable at the normal rate for all UK registered companies.

How are transactions in LSEG shares settled?

Transactions affected on SETS, our electronic order book, are settled three business days after the transaction takes place (T+3). Transactions are settled in CREST, in the same manner as for the majority of UK securities listed on our markets.

If I want a share certificate, can I still get one?

If you would like to receive a share certificate, our registrars will send one to you. However because share transactions are settled in CREST, you can hold your shares in uncertificated form if you wish to do so.

Who is LSEG's registrar?

Our share registrar is:
Equiniti Limited
Aspect House
Spencer Road
West Sussex
BN99 6DA

For enquiries about your registered holding, you can contact the registrar on 0870 600 3964 or for basic shareholder questions see Equiniti FAQs. (link to http://www.shareview.co.uk/helpcentre/Pages/AllFAQs.aspx)

What is Shareview?

Shareview is a service provided by Equiniti Limited. It may be accessed through www.shareview.co.uk. Creating a Shareview Portfolio gives you online information about your London Stock Exchange shares and other investments including:

Direct access to information held for you on the share register including share movements.

A daily valuation of all investments held in your portfolio.

A range of information and practical help for shareholders.

To register at Shareview you will need your shareholder reference (which can be found on your share certificate) and you will be asked to select your own personal identification number (PIN). A User ID will then be posted to you. If you have any problems in registering your portfolio for the Shareview services, please contact Equiniti on 0870 600 3989.

What is your dividend policy?

LSEG maintains a sustainable progressive dividend policy. The interim dividend will generally be payable each year in September and final dividend in May. The Group’s dividend policy determines that the interim dividend is calculated as one-third of the prior full year dividend.


When do you pay out dividends?

We intend to pay an interim and final dividend each year, payable in September (interim) and May (final). The Group’s dividend policy, determines that the interim dividend is calculated as one-third of the prior full year dividend. For more details of annual events affecting shareholders, see our Financial Calendar