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LSEG World-Check
Customer Risk Screener

To help you comply with Know Your Customer, anti-money laundering and other screening regulations faster and more efficiently, the LSEG World-Check Customer Risk Screener app provides an easy and intuitive way to connect your customer data within Salesforce using World-Check.

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Why choose LSEG World-Check Customer Risk Screener?

The LSEG World-Check Customer Risk Screener app connects your customer and third-party data from Customer Risk Screening with our proprietary World-Check data.

This enables you to easily embed and automate customer and third-party risk screening checks into your existing onboarding and monitoring workflows.

Built for single users or large teams, the application allows users to screen and actively monitor individuals or entities; makes remediation quicker and more intelligent; and is adaptable to meet ongoing regulatory changes.

Features & benefits

What you get with LSEG World-Check Customer Risk Screener


Risk screening acceleration

By connecting World-Check data to Salesforce you can quickly decide whether to onboard the vast majority of entities being screened, or if further due diligence is required.


Fewer false positives

Minimises false positives with multiple secondary identifiers combined with configurable name-matching algorithms and filtering technology powered by World-Check One.

Audit trail capabilities

Full auditing capability with date-stamped actions for all users and administrators involved in the match remediation process.


Integrated workflow

Perform due diligence checks and ongoing screening from your opportunity or contact list within Salesforce.

Using our data

More ways you can use our data

Data File

Integrate World-Check data into third-party or proprietary workflow solutions that perform customer due diligence, customer screening, and/or payments screening.

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Integrate our data, matching capabilities, and advanced functionalities into existing workflows and internal systems – streamlining the screening process for onboarding, Know Your Customer (KYC), and third-party risk due diligence.

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