LSEG Data & Analytics products

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    The Municipal Market Monitor (TM3)

    Delivering the municipal market’s MMD AAA benchmark for over 30 years, and integrated into the most comprehensive source of critical municipal market information.

    Tick History – Query

    Tick History – Query enables you to query and analyse the breadth and depth of our Tick History data using the full power of the Google BigQuery compute engine.

    Trade Surveillance Data

    Trade Surveillance software powered by LSEG's trusted data enables financial firms around the globe to meet the compliance challenges they face.

    Tick History

    Tick History is a web-based interface that gives access to historical tick-level data across global asset classes, covering OTC and exchange-traded instruments from more than 500 trading venues and third-party contributors.

    LSEG ESG Investment Solutions

    Build sustainability into your strategies with our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing services and solutions.

    Eikon for equities trading

    LSEG Eikon allows you to make fully informed equity trading decisions through its comprehensive and unique news, data, analytics and insight.

    ​Eikon for iPhone and Android

    Checkout the features and benefits of using LSEG Eikon mobile apps. The mobile app is available in both operating systems Iphone and Android.

    ​Eikon ​FX Trading

    Manage risk, identify opportunities and differentiate your FX trading strategy with LSEG Eikon's premium foreign exchange data, news, and analytics.

    ​Eikon Energy Commodities​

    Eikon covers the energy commodities markets. Optimize your deep analysis and spot growth opportunities in the power, gas, coal, carbon, and oil markets.

    StarMine Forecaster Awards – Award Winners

    The LSEG StarMine Awards recognize the firms & forecasters who provide the most accurate predictions of economic indicators & FX Rates in Reuters Polls.