LSEG Data & Analytics products

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    The Municipal Market Monitor (TM3)

    Delivering the municipal market’s MMD AAA benchmark for over 30 years, and integrated into the most comprehensive source of critical municipal market information.

    Real-Time Distribution System

    Reduce complexity and streamline your operations with LSEG Real-Time Distribution System, the industry's most powerful market data distribution platform.

    BDC Collateral

    BDC Collateral is our one-stop resource for analysing BDCs (business development companies) holdings and performance.

    Global loan pricing services

    LSEG's mark-to-market loan pricing service covers almost 6,000 loans from all active secondary issuers, providing investors and portfolio managers with valuations for leveraged and investment grade loans.

    Verified Entity Data as a Service

    Verified Entity Data as Service ensures risk data complies with global, legal regulations by being accurate, appropriately linked to parent entity records, and cross-referenced to industry codes and your internal client identifiers.

    Yield Book API

    Yield Book flexible API technology provides access to Yield Book’s trusted data and analytics from within your own custom applications.

    LSEG ESG Investment Solutions

    Build sustainability into your strategies with our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing services and solutions.

    ​Eikon Energy Commodities​

    Eikon covers the energy commodities markets. Optimize your deep analysis and spot growth opportunities in the power, gas, coal, carbon, and oil markets.

    Eikon for equities trading

    LSEG Eikon allows you to make fully informed equity trading decisions through its comprehensive and unique news, data, analytics and insight.


    AI-powered analytics solutions offer buy-side and sell-side customers globally to access analytical solutions that meet the breadth of their business requirements..