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What is LSEG Workspace?

Your personal ecosystem of insights, news and analytics

Tap into innovative solutions that enhance productivity with LSEG Workspace. As your primary source of a wide range of information, datasets and analytics, Workspace offers reliable news and content that helps you make informed decisions.

With an integrated developer environment and a collaborative community, you can analyse data with greater flexibility as well as co-create new systems, applications and tools.

With innovation at its heart, Workspace delivers a seamless user experience across various platforms and devices. Whether you are a financial advisor, research analyst, investment banker or trader, or portfolio manager, Workspace offers interoperability and tools you need to simplify workflow processes and increase productivity.

How does the trial work?

To get started with the trial, you will need to complete a few simple steps.

1. Complete the form

Fill in the free trial form and we will check that you are eligible for the trial, i.e. you are a new LSEG customer.

2. Create an LSEG account

You will need to verify your email address and set a password to create your LSEG account, which will allow us to grant you access to the trial.

3. Access Workspace

You will receive an email with your trial login details and access to online training videos to help you optimise your Workspace experience.

Why LSEG Workspace?

Leverage Interoperative and collaborative workflows

Boost productivity wherever you are

Easily navigate cross-asset insights

Access unparalleled cross-asset insights and content, including financial data, analytics and market updates. With user-friendly navigation, analyse market trends across multiple displays.

Open workflow environment

Take advantage of the convenience of access and flexibility to interact with content as you prefer it, seamlessly integrated into your existing workflows.

Robust and scalable analytics

Experience a platform designed to foster innovation and give you essential tools to succeed such as StarMine and MarketPsych. Choose from a comprehensive suite of calculators built to enhance trading precision and flexibility.

Enhance productivity and drive efficiencies

Use intelligent search features and advanced natural language processing to drive efficiencies. Adaptive to suit your needs with each use, the platform surfaces highly relevant content in real time.

Flexibility across platforms and devices

Easily sync across various devices and platforms and stay connected to the latest market updates anytime, anywhere. This offers great flexibility in how you consume content, enabling you to have uninterrupted access.

Experience unparalleled efficiency and speed

With light memory footprint and quick installation, HTML5 delivers a fast and lightweight experience. Leverage the latest web technology and ensure optimised functionality across devices and platforms.

Features and benefits

What you get with LSEG Workspace

Enable true client centricity

Swiftly analyse multi-asset portfolios and identify key performance drivers with the help of our cutting-edge portfolio analytics. Gain in-depth perspective on portfolio performance tailored to each client and access powerful insights on asset allocation, historical return attribution and financial risk factors.

Case study: Improving efficiency and generating greater insight

Adapt to evolving client needs

Improve engagement and transparency while offering valuable insights to clients’ evolving needs. Utilise market-leading data, trusted news sources and provide ESG-centred investment suggestions.

Deliver greater efficiency with simplified experiences

Reduce time spent on searching and dedicate more time to building valuable client relationships and growing your assets. Gain immediate access to valuable content with our user-friendly platform, which offers powerful interoperability for a seamless integration with existing workflows.

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