LSEG Workspace for commodities professionals

Experience a powerful next-generation workflow solution designed to deliver the content and tools you need to make fast, accurate commodities trading decisions.

Benefit from faster, high-performing, smarter technology and a streamlined user interface – all customisable to your preferred workflow experience. Know first, so you can act first – in the office or while on the go. 

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Advancing with a unique and customised workflow solution

Discover everything you need to analyse and research different commodities markets, build trading strategies, and make better trading decisions using our comprehensive data and cutting-edge tools.

Bring data to life and pinpoint signals in the noise with various advanced analytics and productivity tools. Choose from sophisticated visualisation tools, and enhanced navigation and intelligent search capabilities, powered by structured and natural language capabilities.

Built on a foundation of deep history and technical analysis spanning 50 million instrument indicators across asset classes, explore Workspace’s superior cross-asset capabilities.

Market-leading data and insights

Always available, wherever you are.


Stay updated with data, insights and news related to supply shocks, demand shifts, logistical disruptions, weather and local and geopolitical conflicts.


Understand key market drivers across fundamentals, forecasts and evolving climate policies. Stay ahead of the curve with access to supply and demand flows, and in-depth research and analysis.


Identify opportunities, discover fresh insights, and see beyond the challenges in the steel, base and precious metals markets.

Ships and vessel tracking

View advanced vessel tracking with information on over 200 parameters. Keep informed with a real-time view of shipping activity at sea, in port and across the supply chain.

ESG analysis

Put ESG thinking at the heart of your decision-making process. Our ESG investing information covers 85% of global market cap, 76 countries and over 630 metrics.

Exclusive access to Reuters News

With more than 200 specialist commodities journalists in 20 countries and a vast network of global reporters, Reuters gives you on-the-ground news and exclusive market reports on production, processing and consumption.

Partners data

Extensive collection of third-party content from hundreds of leading providers, including S&P Platts, Argus and General Index.

Features & Benefits

What you get with LSEG Workspace for commodities professionals

Leverage powerful visualisation tools

You can instantly assess the impact of key variables such as changing commodity flows, weather or vessel movements with Workspace.

The Climate Physical Risk Monitor shows physical climate exposure scores at both asset and company level, supporting risk management strategies and climate-related reporting.

Access advanced research and forecasts

Manage your risks and take profitable positions early when you consume our award-winning, robust research and accurate forecasts across commodities markets.

Track crop health and forecasts globally with Satellite Image Analysis showing area, yield and production charts.  

Act before the market

Stay ahead of market developments with access to a deep pool of broker research, advanced insights from our global network and market-leading Reuters News combined with over 10,000 authoritative sources.

Visualize the power stack on a unit level with Power Cost Curves. 

Workspace technical specifications and installation instructions

Workspace is designed to work with the latest supported browsers and versions of Windows and macOS.

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