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Why choose LSEG Pricing Service?

We provide thousands of financial institutions around the world with independent, transparent, and accurate evaluated pricing covering over 2.8 million fixed income securities and derivatives. This includes Hard-to-Value assets in core and emerging markets, spanning core sectors and industries. 

The securities we price are not originated, issued, or traded by us. With no vested interest, we maintain our independence to perform our daily evaluation process. 

Going behind the valuation

A key component of our valuation services is to show you what's behind the price, including pricing recipes, corresponding market colour, and other relevant data to provide the transparency you need to meet your risk, reporting, and compliance needs.

Our pricing recipes, pricing score, and wealth of reference data are available for you to perform bespoke analyses. The score is a measurement of pricing robustness and offers transparency designed to help you defend the evaluated price and meet regulatory and disclosure reporting requirements with confidence. 

Valuations are available both intraday and at standard market snapshot times. 

Features & benefits

What you get with our LSEG Pricing Service

Direct access to market expertise

Our clients benefit from direct access to professional evaluators who are experts in their respective asset classes and apply consistent and transparent pricing methodologies.

Robust valuation methodology

We apply methodologies that are consistent with market standards. Market intelligence including direct and comparable market prices are sourced daily from a wide network of market making participants.

Extensive global coverage

We are a global operation with access to core and local markets. Our wide network of data sources allows coverage at global scale, for liquid and illiquid markets.

Alignment to fair value reporting

Our pricing service evaluates securities by applying methodologies compatible with Fair Value Standards. The assessment is consistent with the accounting guidelines outlined in ASC 820 and IFRS 13.

Hard to value asset valuations

Pricing of less liquid instruments and hard to value assets by applying various transparent methodologies.

Price challenge and transparency portal

LSEG customers can submit challenges on evaluated fixed income and derivative pricing by using our price challenge and transparency portal on the Datascope Select platform.

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