Leading the Sustainable Finance Ecosytem

London Stock Exchange Group is a global hub for sustainable finance. Our position at the heart of global financial markets means that we are ideally placed to support issuers and investors in the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy with access to the deepest pool of capital.

Our new Green Economy Mark recognises listed companies who derive 50% or more of their revenues from environmental solutions. Our newly extended Sustainable Bond Market (SBM) now incorporates Green, Sustainability and Social Bonds as well as bonds from Green Economy issuers.

Find out more about these new initiatives and our Sustainable Finance campaign below.

Find out the issuers who generate more than 50% of their revenue from Green Economy industries.
London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy classification and Mark is available to all equity issuers on all segments of the Main Market and AIM that meet a certain criteria.
The Sustainable Bond Market (SBM) champions innovative issuers in sustainable finance and improves access, flexibility and transparency for investors.
Learn more about the green and sustainable finance opportunities in London for your company– by downloading this helpful guide.