LSEG Microsoft Partnership

LSEG and Microsoft have launched a 10-year strategic partnership for next-generation data and analytics and cloud infrastructure solutions.

Reshaping the future of global finance together

Financial markets are undergoing rapid transformation. Our customers consistently demand the right data at the right time delivered through improved workflows with embedded resilience and adaptability to deal with organizational complexity, data proliferation, and the ever-quickening pace of business.

LSEG and Microsoft are accelerating value creation in financial markets and empowering financial services organisation by offering interoperable, secure, and compliant solutions that will transform data, analytics, and workflow experiences.

Strategic partnership highlights

 Relying on industry-leading financial markets data intelligence built on an enterprise-grade cloud and AI platform, financial services firms will innovate faster, collaborate more easily, deliver differentiated insights, and drive sustained growth

• Improve productivity and organizational agility through simplified and automated workflows across the financial markets’ value chain, including an enhanced version of Workspace that offers seamless Teams communication and Microsoft 365

• Transform raw data into meaningful intelligence and relevant insights; integrate advanced analytics in value chains to drive better informed strategic decisions with greater efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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Key benefits

Partnering to transform our industry

Transform data discovery, delivery, and management

Increase efficiencies and the value generated from comprehensive and trusted financial markets data and digital rights management.

Generate differentiated and actionable insights

Drive timely, strategic decision-making and innovate products and services within a responsible AI framework. 

Simplify and empower workflows

Enhance productivity through improved interoperability, AI augmentation, and community access. 

Innovate and operate at speed and at scale

Increase efficiency, agility, and resilience relying on secure, scalable, and compliant cloud infrastructure.

Through our strategic partnership with Microsoft, we are empowering our customers by increasing productivity while offering greater efficiency, resilience, and scalability across all workflows and equipping the industry with the right tools for the next generation of financial professionals. Together, we will help customers achieve more by transforming how they discover data, create models, make informed decisions, and ultimately create unique insights.

Satvinder Singh

Group Head of Data & Analytics, LSEG
We are proud to partner with LSEG to drive the next wave of innovation for customers across financial markets. We are committed to delivering next generation data, analytics, modelling, and LSEG’s Workspace solutions to transform how firms connect, research, analyse, collaborate, and transact across the entire value chain.

Judson Althoff

Executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Microsoft
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