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Get access to a 7-day trial of LSEG World-Check One for a hands-on experience with the platform and an understanding of the World-Check data.

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What’s included in our trial?

Our 7-day free trial provides you with access to the LSEG World-Check One platform, as well as our Media Check and Vessel Check capabilities to allow you to get a firsthand experience of the platform and the data. Please note, due to third-party data limitations, we are unable to provide you with trial access of Identity Check and Due Diligence reports. These additional services will be available when you sign up for one of our flexible packages.


LSEG World-Check One

World-Check One is a screening platform designed to support, simplify, and accelerate your customer due diligence needs.

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Media Check

Perform adverse media screening to keep informed of all clients’ activities to help you meet your regulatory and legislative compliance requirements.


Vessel Check

Reveal potential risks related to sanctioned or embargoed vessels by screening against IHS Maritime, the world’s foremost information and insight provider of maritime data.

How does the trial work?

To get started with the trial, you will need to complete a few steps.

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Complete the form

Fill in the free trial form and we will check that you are eligible for it, i.e. you are a new LSEG customer.


Create an LSEG account

You will need to verify your email address and set a password to create your LSEG account, which will allow us to grant you permission for the trial.


Acknowledge trial period agreement

Due to the nature of our data, it is necessary for you to confirm your acceptance of the terms of use during the trial period.

Upon completion of the above steps, you will receive an email with your trial login details and access to online training webcast and videos to help you maximise your trial. 

What’s included in our full packages?

Within each package, you can access World-Check One as well as additional capabilities such as Media Check, Vessel Check, Identity Check, and Due Diligence reports.

LSEG World-Check One

World-Check One is a screening platform designed to support, simplify, and accelerate your customer due diligence needs. It simplifies screening for money laundering, sanctions, and terrorist financing, enables detailed monitoring of Politically Exposed Person (PEP) relationships and networks, and is customisable to identify a variety of specific third-party risks.

The platform enables:

  • Access to advanced name-matching algorithms and rich data
  • Secondary matching
  • Fewer false positives
  • Faster match resolution
  • Batch upload
  • Ongoing re-screening
  • Superior relevant media content screening

Additional capabilities

Once you sign up to our packages, you can access additional screening capabilities to help you meet further KYC/KYB requirements.

LSEG Due Diligence reports

Within our packages, we offer a range of due diligence reports to help organisations understand, uncover, and investigate risks related to business relationships including customers, suppliers, and investment opportunities.

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