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Identity verification solutions

Discover how low-friction, compliant identity verification helps meet regulatory requirements and helps onboard more customers faster.

Verify the identities of individuals and businesses – quickly, efficiently and with authority

Verify your customer and vendor identities with confidence and in real time while meeting your KYB and KYC obligations with our data-first identity verification capabilities.

Supported by a combination of document verification, biometric checks and third-party data validation, our global identity verification solutions draw on 200+ authoritative, in-country data sources across 55+ countries.

GDPR-compliant by design, with a zero-persistence model that ensures your personal identifiable information (PII) is safe and secure, our services cover all your business and consumer verification needs:

  • Validate a business's identity in real time using official source data thanks to our business verification services. Advanced tools enable you to check the accuracy of any information that has been provided, and value-added insights empower you to automate decisions and flag risks.
  • In more than 56 countries we use over 200 independent and authoritative in-country data sources to verify the identity of an individual. This is combined with a biometric and document verification service that is backed by the industry’s most comprehensive document library.

Key Figures

  • 21%
    Improved our clients’ onboarding acceptance rates by an average of 21%.
  • 99.999%
    Achieved 99.999% uptime of our identity verification platform over the last 2 years.
  • 30 million
    In 2022, we verified over 30 million identities worldwide.
  • 4.9 billion
    Our consumer identity services cover 4.9 billion people on earth.

Features and benefits

What identity verification offers you


Authoritative identity verifications

Reduce fraud and increase user trust by conducting authoritative, data-first identity verifications backed by a name that is a global market leader in data and finance.


Low-friction verification

Leverage our low-friction solutions to protect your all-important customer relationships while benefiting from the industry’s best match rates.


More efficiency, lower costs

Boost your efficiency, onboard more customers at pace and lower your overall customer acquisition costs. 

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Seamless capabilities

Experience superior customisation and integration capabilities with our identity verification tools that can easily be embedded into your existing processes. Our cloud-first tools with API endpoints are strategically placed across the world, offering seamless verification that facilitates smooth onboarding.


Better compliance

Maintain optimal levels of compliance with our market-leading technology that enables near-instant verification of identities and documents. 

LSEG Risk Intelligence delivers:

  • A suite of complementary solutions that can be tailored to your unique needs
  • A globally trusted reputation and world-class products – creating confidence for you and your stakeholders
  • Comprehensive risk coverage powered by an expert global research team that helps you understand and adapt to change
  • Extensive partner network of specialist data and technology providers
  • Industry-leading end-to-end, single API solution to address identity, payments and compliance risk
  • Global scale and round-the-clock support with 500+ analysts in 158 jurisdictions, speaking 70+ languages, monitoring 30,000 official sources
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