Multilateral Trading Facility

Trade FX derivatives electronically through our MTF and meet execution requirements under MiFID II.

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MTF in more detail

Our multilateral trading facility (MTF) helps you meet your MiFID II execution requirements. Through our FXall RFQ platform, we offer three regulated liquidity venues; the MTF in Ireland offering FX forwards, NDFs, swaps and options; off-venue in Singapore offering FX spot, forwards, NDFs, swaps and options; and NDFs and options trading via the SEF. On Matching, you can trade FX swaps on the MTF and FX spot off the MTF.

UK MTF Launching in November

LSEG is establishing another Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) in the United Kingdom for FXall RFQ, the “UK MTF”. The launch of the UK MTF is expected in November 2023. This is in response to the expiry of the UK’s Temporary Permission Regime (TPR).

Upon expiration of the TPR at the end of 2023, UK clients will no longer be able to trade on the existing EU MTF. Therefore, we are establishing another MTF in the UK, the UK MTF, to provide MTF liquidity to UK clients.

Features and benefits

What you get with MTF

A single platform

Benefit from having one platform for trading FX spot, forwards, swaps, NDFs and options electronically with MTF, SEF and off-venue execution.

Regulated platform

Support best execution with pre-trade checks for price, size and volatility.

Deep liquidity

Access deep liquidity from over 180 banks and 2,300 clients.

Streamlined workflow

Gain from pre- and post-trade straight-through processing, with additional MiFID II data fields for reporting and record-keeping.

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