Spot and Forwards Trade matching

FX Matching

Access spot and forwards prices with a high certainty of execution, with over 4000 users connected across 600 client sites trading in our spot and forwards CLOBs.

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Why choose FX Matching?

In a market where finding liquidity and credit is always a challenge, FX Matching provides an efficient venue for FX traders.

Meeting the needs of traders focused on manual and API-based trades, Spot Matching has evolved since its 1992 launch. Today, its role as a trusted primary venue spans Asian, Scandinavian, Eastern European, emerging market and major currency pairs.

Market makers can access a premium low-latency market-data solution in Equinix LD4 Data Centre with Spot Matching. For Prime Brokers, a market-leading solution lets you manage credit limits and kill switches in real time.

Manual traders or traders using the Matching API for eTrading can use Forwards Matching, a trading segment of our MTF, which is regulated under MiFID II rules. It offers market-leading electronic FX swaps liquidity and gives client access through the GUI.

Look to Spot Matching for a best-in-class venue that helps you achieve your goals. Use Spot Matching to access market-leading liquidity with global client and currency coverage in a transparent, efficient and cost-effective way. It's ideal for your liquidity sources, benchmarking your trades or developing systematic FX trading strategies.

  • 4,000+
    FXT manual users
  • 700+
    client sites
  • 45+
  • 80+
    currency pairs

Features and Benefits

Giving you powerful end-to-end FX trading capabilities

Deep liquidity

Access global clients and wide currency coverage in an all-to-all manner.

Efficient FX trading

Use historical data to analyse and develop future strategies.

Effective price-making

Earn spread and generate profits as you place market bids/asks as well as take by trading against shown prices.

Anonymous trading

Experience total pre-trade anonymity with information that is only disclosed when a trade completes.


There is no last-look in Spot Matching, encouraging genuine interest to trade and client confidence.


Clients can trust processes and behaviour on the venues thanks to strong and thorough rule books and market surveillance.

How it works

Find out how FX Matching works

FX Spot Matching Grid with Depth of Book

Access greater liquidity and credit in an all-to-all manner to execute the best trades possible.

FX Spot Matching Order Entry and Active Market View

Trade confidently across various currency pairs and 50+ countries.

FX Forwards Matching Grid, Depth of Book view and Active Markets

Achieve high certainty of execution with greater liquidity pools and market participants.

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