FTSE UK Index Series

The FTSE UK Index Series represents all capital and industry segments of the UK equity market.


The FTSE UK Series is designed to represent the performance of UK companies, providing market participants with a comprehensive and complementary set of indexes that measure the performance of all capital and industry segments of the UK equity market.

The FTSE UK ESG Risk-Adjusted Index Series, based on the FTSE UK Index Series, is designed to reflect the performance of UK stocks whilst improving broad ESG characteristics and maintaining similar risk/return characteristics to the underlying universe.

Headline indices include:

FTSE 100 Index (UKX) - comprises the 100 most highly capitalised blue chip companies listed on London Stock Exchange.

FTSE 100 Total Return Index - measures the total return of the underlying FTSE 100 index, combining both capital performance and income (reinvested on the dividend (xd) date). No withholding tax adjustments are made.

FTSE 100 Net of Tax Index (UKXNUK) - applies tax adjustments to dividends for the total return index calculation.

FTSE 250 Index - comprises mid-capitalised companies not covered by the FTSE 100, and represents approximately 15% of UK market capitalisation.

FTSE All-Share Index - representing 98-99% of UK market capitalisation, the FTSE All-Share index is the aggregation of the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and FTSE Small Cap indices.

FTSE 350 Supersectors Indices - 18 real-time industry sector indexes derived from companies in the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 indices.

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