FTSE Diversity and Inclusion Index

Powered by our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data, our Diversity and Inclusion Index is designed to measure the relative performance of companies against factors that define diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Index

Available through Eikon and via Knowledge Direct feed, our Diversity and Inclusion Indices rank over 12,000 companies globally and identifies the top 100 publicly traded companies with the most diverse and inclusive workplaces, as measured by 24 separate metrics across 4 key pillars.

It is designed on the hypothesis that companies tracking, reporting, and achieving on measures of diversity, inclusion and people development will offer better performance over time than those achieving lower scores, or not tracking these measures.

Gain richer, differentiated insight into company performance, and identify long-term opportunities and risks in your investments.

Our ESG data provides performance information for in-depth, socially responsible investment analysis.

Global Equal Opportunities Select Index

Our Global Equal Opportunities Select Index offers an innovative benchmark for investors wishing to commit capital to companies that actively invest in and promote environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values and principles in the running of their businesses.

Among others, the index utilizes the diversity and inclusion scores of constituents of parent index, and the final index selection reflects the principles and impact of diversity and inclusion.

The index tracks the price return of 30 publicly traded equities across the world that display relatively high diversity and inclusion scores, in addition to high dividend and low volatility.

Europe Equal Opportunities Select Index

The Europe Equal Opportunities Select Index captures the performance of stocks that tend to promote diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Some activities that are harmful for the environment and society are excluded.

The index tracks the price return of 30 publicly traded equities across Europe that display relatively high Equal Opportunities scores, in addition to high dividend and low volatility. Some constraints apply at country and sector level.

Features & benefits

What you get with our Diversity and Inclusion Indices


Global company coverage

Ranking over 12,000 companies with ESG data, the index is based on metrics gathered from publicly available sources.



Automated scoring offers highly flexible architecture and is ideal for integrating new flows of data as they become available.



Dynamically weighted data points reflect the market. Analytics check data-per-data availability and adjust weights automatically.


Global benchmark standard

Benchmark groups are typically based on TRBC sector classification, the global standard for identifying peers and tagging research.

Index announcements

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