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Choosing the right benchmark is equally important as choosing the right investment strategy when you aim to meet your investment objectives. We deliver the right index to help you benchmark your performance, capture opportunities and manage risk.

Trusted benchmark solutions across asset classes and investment objectives

Leading pension funds, sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), insurance companies, endowment and foundations around the world choose FTSE Russell solutions because they know that they help them to meet their goals with greater success.  

Asset owners trust our benchmarks, data and analytics to create the right foundation for performance benchmarking and analysis, asset allocation, risk management, sustainable investment (SI) integration, research and market analysis. They invest in FTSE Russell-linked investment products because a well-constructed index better represents the market. Asset owners can achieve their investment objectives with greater precision when they use FTSE Russell-based index funds and ETFs.

Whether it's a proven off-the-shelf index, a nuanced adaptation or a fully custom solution, we are focused on delivering exactly what you need to succeed.

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Key features

Why choose FTSE Russell?


Defined by the market, not by committee


Methodologies and classification systems founded on rigorous research


A complete measure of the market across asset classes and investment objectives

Rules-based and transparent

Built on a rigorous, published methodology

Case studies for asset owners

Democracy-screened ESG emerging market government bond indices

FTSE Russell partnered with Swiss Federal Pension Fund PUBLICA to design a democracy filter for its ESG emerging market sovereign bond universe.

Integrating climate risk into listed infrastructure

As an asset class, listed infrastructure has a number of attractive investment characteristics, but it’s often carbon-intensive. Mercer asked us to find a way to help their clients access the asset class while pursuing a climate transition pathway.

Aligning sustainable investment objectives across asset classes

As a signatory to the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this leading asset owner engaged FTSE Russell to create custom SDG-aligned benchmarks for their equity and fixed income portfolios, aligning their sustainable investment objectives across asset classes.

A benchmark designed to increase transparency and disclosure in capital markets and improve corporate performance 

The FTSE Blossom Japan Index was developed with input from the Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) in Japan for their first passive investment to track an ESG index. Their objective was to improve the effectiveness of stewardship and engagement within a passive mandate.


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