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Digital onboarding in wealth management

When delivering a highly personalised and efficient investor experience, onboarding new wealth clients remotely and securely is critical to success.

A personalised digital strategy can improve the overall client experience, from opening an account, to decision making, trading and market monitoring. To provide a highly effective and personalised investor experience, whilst seamlessly onboarding new clients remotely and securely, knowing your client is a key step.

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What is successful digital onboarding in wealth management? 

Digital transformation has led to a surge in digital and contactless payments and forced financial institutions to hasten the implementation of their digital transformation plans.

Digital onboarding enables wealth managers to quickly engage new prospects and start building valuable, trusted relationships, regardless of the client’s location.

Wealth managers can reduce integration headaches by streamlining multiple checks and identity verification process in a personalised, high-converting onboarding experience. 

Our solution

Seamless and cost-effective digital onboarding 

Our solution supports the end-to-end customer journey. You can configure this low/no code solution to your business’ specific requirements to support your growth objectives, comply with regulation and improve the client experience. 

Flexible and easy to integrate

Reduce abandonment of onboarding prospects with an intuitive and simple user interface, designed to easily integrate with your systems and rapidly grow your client base.

Expansive coverage

Validate all types of ID documents from around the world, reduce manual workload and room for error. Leverage LSEG data-sources to verify individuals’ identity, including name, addresses etc.

The digital powerhouse

No other organisation has such a broad range of solutions for Wealth Managers, leading content & analytics in ESG Scores, Sentiment Scores, Stock Ratings, Videos, Company Data, Mutual Fund Data, Global News – now, expanding to a digital onboarding platform.                                                                                                        


Why use digital onboarding in wealth management?

Maximise revenue

Increase client conversion rates through a world-class, onboarding user experience

Retain a competitive edge

Adapt your customer journeys quickly without dependency on your in-house technology

Personalise the client experience

Create personalised, high-converting onboarding experiences quickly and with minimal effort

Seamless integration

Reduce integration headaches, streamlining multiple checks and verification process in a single API

Achieve cost savings

Reduce the number of referral cases that require manual review

Extend your reach

Digitally onboard clients across the globe seamlessly

Connect with our specialists

Our specialists will tailor a digital onboarding solution to help solve your specific needs.

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