Meet Pam

Meet Pam

  • Studied Pharmacy at the University of Birmingham
  • Joined the London office in September 2019

"The thing that stood out for me about LSEG was its global recognition and the reputation it holds. I also liked the diversity the Graduate Programme offers, with the chance to experience different rotations, giving you the broadest possible exposure.

"From early on I was given a lot of ownership over my work. My manager was quick to pick up on my ability to work independently, which is something LSEG really values.

"The training provided by the Graduate Programme helped me gain an overview of the corporate financial sector and I was also given tailored support where ever I needed it. In my first rotation at Group Risk I undertook a lot of ad hoc work, but I always received the relevant training beforehand. I was looped into lots of meetings and I could pick and choose projects that I thought would be useful to my development, even if the work didn’t sit in my direct team.

"My first rotation wasn’t a client-facing role so it was good to have the opportunity to be client-facing for six months in my second rotation. Although I’ve not been able to go out and meet clients in person because of the pandemic I’ve had plenty of telephone and video calls. My focus has shifted to how we can support clients through the current situation and I feel like I’ve been able to have a real impact. I’ve been working from home, but everyone has still been here to help me, and if I’ve ever wanted to reach out to another team and network my colleagues have been happy to facilitate an introduction.

"My colleagues are very open, knowledgeable and great communicators. I’m really lucky in that both of my managers have been very much about professional development and focused on giving me experiences that will benefit my career."