Why hybrid working?

At LSEG, we are 25,000 people, in over 60 countries, across 100+ locations.

LSEG’s aim is to drive sustainable performance – with a focus on the quality of work we produce, as opposed to where it gets done. We want to create opportunity and connections by providing technology and digital tools required to enhance collaboration, whilst also ensuring we make the most of our time, whether at home or in an office.

Our experience of remote working during the pandemic has shown us that increased flexibility is valued by our colleagues, we also know it works. Equally important are the advantages that come with being able to work together in person, in an office space, we know our people value this too. The hybrid approach allows colleagues to split their time between home and the office, with specific patterns agreed amongst individual teams.

With the introduction of hybrid working, we have created an environment where colleagues have the opportunity to work flexibly, while being seamlessly connected and remaining highly productive, so we are motivated to bring our best selves to work, wherever we are.