We offer you the opportunity to make a significant impact by helping shape the future of LSEG’s fast-changing global business. The next generation of LSEG graduates and interns will have direct exposure to the exciting developments and innovations currently taking place within finance and technology. We are looking for dedicated, insightful and dynamic individuals to support us in our journey, problem solvers who are willing to challenge the status quo and aren’t afraid to ask the difficult questions.

Application hints and tips – Application

We want to help you to prepare and give you the best chance of success. We have prepared a list of hints and tips to help you tailor your approach accordingly. We recruit on a rolling basis so early application is strongly advised.

    • Meet us. Attend one of our virtual or in-person events where you will have the chance to meet with us and learn more about our early careers programmes.
    • Be prepared, what would you like to know. Complete some research before attending one of our online events or meeting us at a virtual careers fair so you are clear on the information you require to better understand our business and the opportunities available. Make sure you ask the right questions so you walk away knowing if you could envision a future with us.
    • Be on time – or let us know if you can’t attend. This applies to virtual as well as face-to-face events where we ask you to pre-register. Remember, the professionalism you show now provides us with an insight to how you may operate in our business and with our clients.
    • Become more than an application. Tell us more about your experiences and what first led you to consider the opportunities we are offering. Make yourself more than an application, show us the real you and make yourself memorable for the right reasons.
    • Research. It is important to be fully aware of the business and programme you are applying to and why this is of interest to you. Familiarise yourself with our business and key divisions on the Group website. Click here to find out more.
    • Ensure your contact details are correct. If we cannot reach you, we cannot invite you to the assessments.
    • Show your enthusiasm. A strong academic record and impressive achievements are a given for the top graduate employers. What often makes an application stand out from the crowd is its quality; how well it is written and how genuine and committed you are to our business.
    • Tailor your thinking to us. As part of our application process, we require a motivation statement. The best way to make yours unique is to put yourself at the heart of your answers. We want to learn about you and what motivates and excites you about a career at LSEG.
    • Depending on the programme and location you apply to, the next step after the initial screening stage is typically an online test to help identify the skills and behaviours you’ll bring to the role. It includes some questions on how you would describe yourself, how you typically approach tasks, and a short cognitive ability test. Practise the online assessment before you do it. You can find practice questions more widely on the web.
    • Make sure you are in a quiet area with a good connection when you take the test for your application.
    • Once you complete the test, you will also receive a candidate feedback form, which allows you to have feedback on the assessment, your strengths and weaknesses. The report provides valuable on-the-job tips and suggestions; use the feedback to help and inform your approach in the future.
    • Come to us with original thinking. When you meet us through the selection stages, we want to hear your ideas and interpretation of what you have learnt about our business and the sector. It’s always great to meet candidates who are enthusiastic and keen to develop new opportunities.
    • Be clear on the question being asked. Often candidates will have a supply of examples to pull on to answer questions. Although this demonstrates good preparation, be mindful when using this technique as you may try to fit an example to a question without providing a suitable response.
    • Be prepared to discuss your reasons for wanting to join LSEG and the programme you apply to. If you can’t answer this, do you really want to join?
    • When given the opportunity to ask an assessor questions, ask one or two. It shows you’re interested, and will provide you with additional knowledge about our business. This is your chance to have a full picture to help with your decision-making should you be offered a position.
    • We always assess multiple competencies across multiple exercises, so if you have a challenging exercise during the assessment centre, put it to one side and move on. You will have several opportunities to show us what you are capable of. Remember, you will make mistakes through your career, but how you deal with these provides real insight into your approach and indicates how you may fit with our business.
    • Always be clear on what you need to achieve during the exercises and ensure you focus on delivering. If you have not fully understood the instructions, you may complete the task incorrectly and limit your evaluation. So ask us if you’re unsure, we want to see you performing at your best.
    • Remember, we cannot assess information we are not provided with. So when you’re in a group conversational exercise, make sure you contribute verbally, sharing your views and interpretations. Your participation will provide your assessor with insight. This remains just as important whether you’re attending a virtual or a face-to-face assessment centre.