Be at the heart of a global fintech leader 

We offer a wide range of opportunities for ambitious graduates and students to start a dynamic and rewarding career in global financial markets. You can join us on an Internship or Graduate programme, which provides a formal learning experience or directly into Entry level positions.

Whatever the path you choose, at LSEG you’ll have the opportunity to have a formal experience to learn, grow and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

We're LSEG,the London Stock Exchange Group.We're a financial industry leader.We connect people globally,create new opportunities,and deliver excellence,through both finance and fintechbut we're so much more than that.Whichever early careers programme you join,Business, Salesor Tech,we work as a teamand we respect each other.There are 24,000 of us in 66 countries,and though we may be geographically diverse,we come together and collaborate to succeedby creating work that has a tangible,global impact every day.We support our staff developmentwith a wide range of opportunities.We provide that environment of mentoring, support, coaching and nurturing talent.And because we work on real, live projects,you'll get exposure to a wide range of skills in-house,and that will truly set you up for future success.It's a truly global culture wherewe are non-stop thinking about innovation.We encourage teams to question the status quo.We keep learning and improving our knowledgeto be the best.Thereby bringing value to our customers,to the business, and to the people.All around the world.Taking our impact global,serving customers in over 190 countries.That's why we're one of the top companies in the FTSE 100.We are empowering real changeby driving financial stability,empowering economies, and enabling customers.Every minute,of every hour,of every day,we update 480 million financial records.We deliver 147 million market messages,and we process 208,000 trades.Be at the heart of a global fintech leaderand start the first chapter in your exciting career story.Search LSEG Student Careers.

Protect yourself from fraud

We will never extend a job offer or ask for your personal information via email. Nor will we ever request money from you, or contact you about investment opportunities/mobile trading applications.

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By joining our LSEG Talent Community, we can keep in contact with you and share updates and news from across our organisation. You’ll have access to our people, our opportunities and receive invitations to relevant events.

Application hints and tips

We want to help you to prepare and give you the best chance of success. We have prepared a list of hints and tips to help you tailor your approach accordingly. We recruit on a rolling basis so early application is strongly advised.

    • Meet us. Attend one of our virtual or in-person events where you will have the chance to meet with us and learn more about our early careers programmes.
    • Be prepared, what would you like to know. When meeting us at events, make sure you are prepared with questions that will enable you to better understand our business and the opportunities available.
    • Research. It is important to be fully aware of the business and programme you are applying to and why this is of interest to you. Familiarise yourself with our business and key divisions on the Group website.
    Find out more about us
    • Become more than an application. Tell us more about your experiences and what first led you to consider the opportunities we are offering. Make yourself more than an application, show us the real you and make yourself memorable for the right reasons.
    • Ensure your contact details are correct. If we cannot reach you, we cannot invite you to the assessments.
    • Show your enthusiasm. A strong academic record and impressive achievements are a given for the top graduate employers. What often makes an application stand out from the crowd is its quality: how well it is written and how genuine and committed you are to our business.
    • Tailor your thinking to us. As part of our application process, we require a motivation statement. The best way to make yours unique is to put yourself at the heart of your answers. We want to learn about you and what motivates and excites you about a career at LSEG
    • Practice to increase your chances of success. Depending on the programme and location you apply to, the next step after the initial screening stage is typically an online test to help identify the skills and behaviours you’ll bring to the role. It includes some questions on how you would describe yourself, how you typically approach tasks, and a short cognitive ability test. Practise the online assessment before you do it. You can find practice questions more widely on the web.
    • Find a suitable time to complete the assessment when you have limited distractions and can complete in one sitting.
    • Make sure you are in a quiet area with a good connection when you take the test for your application.
    • Have a calculator and pen and paper available to take notes.
    • Review your feedback. Once you complete the test, you will receive a candidate feedback report, which provides you with feedback on the assessment, your strengths and weaknesses. The report provides valuable on-the-job tips and suggestions; use the feedback to help and inform your approach in the future.
    • Before the interview, we recommend that you take some time to re-familiarise yourself with your resume and your response to the motivation question.
    • Come to us with original thinking. We want to hear your ideas and interpretation of what you have learnt about our business and the sector. It’s always great to meet candidates who are enthusiastic and keen to develop new opportunities.
    • Be clear on the question being asked. Often candidates will have a supply of examples to pull on to answer questions. Although this demonstrates good preparation, be mindful when using this technique as you may try to fit an example to a question without providing a suitable response.
    • Be prepared to discuss your reasons for wanting to join LSEG and the programme you apply to.
    • When given the opportunity to ask an assessor questions, ask one or two. It shows you are interested and will provide you with additional knowledge about our business. This is your chance to have a full picture to help you decide whether you envision a future with us.
    • We always assess multiple competencies across multiple exercises, so if you have a challenging exercise during the assessment centre, put it to one side and move on. You will have several opportunities to show us what you are capable of. Remember, you will make mistakes through your career, but how you deal with these provides real insight into your approach and indicates how you may fit with our business.
    • Be yourself, we want to get to know you. It is often easy to adopt a persona you think we are looking for, but we want you to bring your authentic self to the day.
    • Speak up: if you have not fully understood the instructions, you may complete the task incorrectly and limit your evaluation. So, ask us if you are unsure, we want to see you performing at your best.
    • Remember, we cannot assess information we are not provided with. When you are in a group conversational exercise, make sure you contribute verbally, sharing your views and interpretations.