Meet Nithushan

Meet Nithushan

  • Studied IT and Cyber Sercurity at Sir Lanka Institute of Information Technology 
  • Joined in September 2018

"I studied IT, specializing in Security. LSEG interested me because it’s a very large tech platform and has many processes running through it – not to mention the huge amount of data that’s involved! I wanted to see how things work and how I could improve my skills. The rotations allowed me to explore more to see what aspect I loved the most."

"At the beginning we rotated through the entire company for three months, understanding how trading and exchange works, how LSEG tech is integrated, and how the business works overall. We sat with the different teams, discussing what they do, how they fit into the business, the challenges they face, and what they needed automating. We assisted them with their day-to-day tasks and gave input on where we saw potential for process improvement."

"My first official rotation is in Cyber Security, and it’s great; it’s what I dreamt of working in since I was at school. We check what anomalies are coming through, and check for security events and analyse them. A portion of my time daily is also dedicated to research and development. It was easy to integrate into the team because my manager is very supportive, and we check in every week with a one-to-one meeting."

"The culture here is very friendly and open, with a flat structure. All the teams sit next to each other, and if you ever need something you can approach anyone and have a chat or set up a meeting. People here are knowledgeable and highly experienced in their field, so you can learn a lot."

"In terms of extra-curricular activities, I’ve been involved in giving financial literacy courses for students in university, so they can understand money and how to manage it once they go out into the real world. We also do a kid’s coding club, where employees bring in their children and we teach them some basic programming."