Meet Karen

Meet Karen

  • Data & Analytics, USA

“I started my career in the early 90s and back then I wanted to go into banking, but in the midst of a recession in the United States, jobs were hard to come by. I took a role with Moody’s Investor Service instead, thinking I would work in data for a year or so. 27 years later I’m still in the data space.

What keeps me in data is the variability – there’s always a new challenge. It could be that the stock market is having a busy day so we’re trying to manage those volumes, or perhaps it’s juggling various client interactions, but either way every day is different. Data itself is easy to work with, but what I enjoy most is the people aspect of my role – working with my teams and helping to build and develop new talent – that desire to support and nurture is part of the culture here.

When Mergent was acquired by LSEG in 2017 I went from working in a company with 200 people to a Group of 5000. Navigating a change like that can be tricky, but having the support of colleagues, and joining our Women Inspired Network (WIN), made things much easier.

WIN is focused on bringing women up at all levels of the organisation. We’re also becoming increasingly conscious of the issues that women of colour, neurodiverse women and those with physical disabilities are likely to face. This aligns with the Group’s values as a whole – at LSEG, you're not just here to produce products or manage processes – you’re encouraged to stand out and to drive others to be at their best. That’s why I love working here.”