Meet John

Meet John

  • Studied Management at London Business School
  • Joined in September 2018

"Before joining LSEG, I was a professional cyclist, racing with the national team all over the world. I did this full time while studying to receive my bachelor’s in Economics from Athens University of Economics and Business. Though cycling and financial services seem worlds apart, my time as a professional athlete provided me with pivotal transferable skills to start my career in business, such as collaboration, dedication, perseverance, ownership and a focus on delivering results.

"I’ve always wanted to work in business and finance. LSEG appealed to me because I wanted to be part of a leading and growing financial market infrastructure business at the heart of the global capital markets.

"My first rotation was at the London Clearing House, which was very interesting and highly analytical since I was able to hone my modelling, Excel and VBA skills. The role was very technical, highly quantitative, and taught me a lot about risk management, the methodologies used, and the mechanisms that are in place for mitigating risks to avoid a systemic failure. This involved running extensive testing to ensure that all systems were in place to manage potential defaults that could disrupt the financial markets. This allowed me to learn how the financial markets operate, and the kind of risks that could destabilise the global economy, something that I found fascinating.

"My second rotation was in Group Corporate Development (GCD), which I found equally exciting. The GCD team, is the team behind the curtains that manages and executes the Group’s M&A agenda and plays a crucial role in guiding LSEG’s strategy and vision. Every major deal that is undertaken for LSEG involves this team, so there are lots of very important and interesting projects taking place at any given time. My role consisted of lots of modelling, industry analysis, investment evaluation and creative thinking. This role essentially helped me to understand the Group as a whole: how it operates, makes money, and thrives. It also allowed me to understand the landscape that LSEG operates in: the global competition, the industry figures, and the things we must do to remain at the forefront of our industry, as a trusted and respected global FMI business."