Meet Daiana

Meet Daiana

  • Studied Cybernetics, Statistics and Economics Informatics at Bucharest Academy of Economics Studies
  • Joined in September 2018

"Our office is still quite new – we have a couple of hundred people now, but when I joined it was much smaller and its been a really positive experience learning and growing together.

I get to interact with people from other departments on a regular basis. My work is in data analytics and its important to collaborate with colleagues across different teams in order for our projects to be successful.

My role centres around creating data visualisation dashboards, which provide a clear and simple way to understand and explore our data. One of the things I really like about it is that Ive been able to apply the knowledge I gained at university while continuing to learn new things every day.

I think LSEG offers a great environment in which to develop and grow. Im surrounded by intelligent and helpful people – the kind of people I want to work with. I also find the diversity of cultures very interesting – I enjoy working with people outside of my own country and from across the globe – it makes the world feel much smaller!

Its a very positive environment and my colleagues are always supportive. For the time being my goal is to become the best possible Data Analyst. I think for a first role out of university LSEG provides a great springboard to take on new responsibilities and develop your career."