Spotlight on Bucharest

Spotlight on Bucharest

Diana Dumitran on what it’s like to work in LSEG’s Bucharest office.

London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) Romania is a technology and operations hub. It’s our job to deliver, test and maintain technical solutions that are used across different parts of the Group, including Capital Markets, Post Trade and Information Services. We also provide customer support and have a global presence in the technology infrastructure space.

Our engineers work with various technologies – including JAVA, Python, SQL – and we have an Innovation Centre for research and development. This allows us to experiment with the latest technologies – such as machine learning and data science – in order to create new problem-solving products that can be integrated into the business.

We opened our Bucharest office in the summer of 2018, and I joined in September of the same year, becoming one of the first LSEG Romania employees. I have fond memories of that time – we were almost like a startup within LSEG – and it was really exciting getting things off the ground. My colleagues and I are very fortunate to have been able to contribute towards the growth of the office, the teams and instilling the right mindset. When I joined there were just four people in my team, but within six months we’d grown to 35. We now have over 250 employees in the office as a whole and we’re continuing to grow!

Besides our day-to-day work, our employees regularly get involved in activities to build brand awareness for LSEG within the Romanian market. My colleagues are passionate about what they do and are eager to learn – not just about their own roles, but also about what others do, about the business as a whole, and about new technologies that might support LSEG in the future. There is also a real sense of community – last year I launched the Bucharest Social Committee. We organise a lot of social events outside of work and our aim is to build communities based on people’s personal interests and hobbies; sporting activities and volunteering being just a couple of examples.

My team in Romania is well integrated with our counterparts across LSEG's offices globally. We have daily check-ins with our colleagues in different locations and we have weekly get-togethers too, where we share best practices with those doing similar roles across the globe. This was one of the key things that attracted me to LSEG – the opportunity to learn from others with years of experience in my domain.

We also have colleagues at LSEG who are dedicated to our learning and development, and they make sure that everyone’s needs are met through the best possible methods. Last year we took part in a complex learning programme, which included training in technical areas such as JAVA programming and AWS as well as dedicated workshops on building soft skills and leadership capabilities.

Being a diversified global business makes LSEG a great place to learn. Working here allows you to see how the divisions of the business operate and how they integrate into the Group as a whole. This kind of exposure is something that’s extremely valuable, especially here in Romania, where we are still a relatively new market.