The Graduate Programme: Four Weeks In

The Graduate Programme: Four Weeks In

From rotations to hotdesking, training to yoga, Erin Bailey describes her experience on the Business Graduate Programme in October 2019.

Unlike many of my graduate cohort, my journey to London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) didn’t start with the internship programme. I studied Maths and Economics at Leeds University and my course included a sandwich year, so I interned at a major investment bank. I enjoyed the experience, but after researching different schemes and attending careers fairs at university I decided to apply to LSEG because the graduate programme here was more suited to the way I want to develop the next stages of my career.

The Business Graduate Programme gives you the chance to rotate around each of the divisions within the Group, allowing you to try out different types of roles. All new graduates here are also assigned a ‘buddy’ – another LSEG grad a couple of years ahead – which is really handy in terms of finding out what to expect.

Currently I’m in the sales team at FTSE Russell. There are 14 of us in total from a real mix of backgrounds and it’s fascinating learning about the different products that we sell – my colleagues know our indexes inside out. There’s a lot to take in, but everyone is really supportive. The two weeks’ training we were given before starting our rotations also helped with settling in. On the first day we found out what our roles would be for the next six months and got to meet our managers – which is when it suddenly became real. We also learnt about how the different parts of LSEG fit together and the integral part LSEG plays within the wider context of the financial markets, as well as practical skills like using relevant software and automating manual processes. It was a great opportunity to get to know my fellow grads and to hear about LSEG’s various social groups – I signed up for yoga and wine tasting!

In fact, there has already been lots to get involved in outside of my day-to-day activities. I recently took part in a charity Go Karting event for the Spinal Injuries Association and I’ve been to my first WIN (Women Inspired Network) event. WIN has regular coffee mornings where you get to meet women who you might not otherwise come into contact with from across the Group and at all levels.

I’ve been in my first rotation for over a month now and it’s gone so quickly – my transition into the role has been pretty smooth, and I’ve been surprised by how flexible the working environment is here – it’s not as intense as I expected. We have a hotdesking plan where everyone changes desks every day, which is great for getting to know new people, and there’s the opportunity to work from home every now and again. In a few months’ time I’ll move to my next six month rotation – I don’t yet know what I’ll be doing, but that’s exciting!

My advice to anyone thinking about applying to the graduate programme is to learn as much as you can about LSEG beforehand. This is important for the application and interview process, but it’s also important for you – so that you can let your interviewers know what interests you most and they can understand where you might best fit in. Also, get as much work experience as you can in your second year of uni – the experiences I gained while I was at university were what shaped me to apply here in the first place.