Schools and Young People

Schools and Young People

We’re passionate about maximising the opportunities available to children and young people regardless of their background and have set up a number of initiatives that allow us to provide support.

LSEG Foundation

The LSEG Foundation was established in 2010 to be the single channel for the Group’s charitable giving and a focal point for staff engagement with charities. Its core mission is to empower people and enrich communities. The Foundation focuses on projects that help young and disadvantaged people reach their full potential by developing life skills and business acumen. Additionally, as our global presence grows, we continue to engage and give back to the communities we operate in. Partnering with local charities allows the LSEG Foundation to have a long-lasting impact. Some of the charities we partner with include:

Malaysia - DASwk is an established and registered non-profit NGO based in Kuching, Malaysia. The charity advocates for children and individuals affected by dyslexia and other learning disabilities through promoting awareness of and intervention programmes on the cause.

Romania - Ajungern Mari aims to create an educational centre for institutionalised children from Bucharest, a place where they can feel free and supported to develop their skills and discover new ideas for their future.

UK - Our UK Charity Partner School-Home Support tackles the issues that prevent disadvantaged children from attending and succeeding at school.

Work experience

In 2020 we announced our collaboration with Young Enterprise (YE), aimed at supporting 16-19-year olds across Greater London and the South East (UK) who face multiple barriers to social mobility. Together with YE we engage a diverse cohort of young people from the YE Company Programme, an immersive experience allowing young people to set up and run a student business over an academic year, to further build their skills by participating in work experience at LSEG. Not only do young people build confidence in their own enterprise, financial, and digital skills but they gain valuable insight into the breadth of future career pathways available within the sector. If you would like to find out more about Young Enterprise and the opportunities they offer click here.

The programme is currently focused on the UK, once established, we will look to replicate it in our other global locations.

Online resources

At LSEG we believe financial literacy opens up options and opportunities. Whether it’s study and career choices now, or how to save and invest money later on in life, understanding how finance works can help build a better future for us all. To help boost the financial literacy of kids across the globe we offer a wealth of online resources and videos to help you learn more about the world of finance. Click here to find out more.