Meet Junior

Meet Junior

  • Studied at Loughborough University
  • Joined in September 2013
  • Now on second rotation in graduate programme

“I love basketball  – it takes up a lot of my time away from work – and I’d actually considered maybe getting into the sport in a business capacity.  But I spent a summer thinking very carefully about my future options and I took quite an interest in FX trading and in finance as a whole. I attended various lectures at the London School of Economics, including talks from the German and French finance ministers about recovery in the Eurozone."

“It was when I saw Xavier Rolet, LSEG’s Chief Executive, speaking on BBC’s Hardtalk about the exchange’s role in the recovery that I became really interested in the organisation.  I started to do some research on the organisation. I liked the sound of the infrastructure and the way in which the business is positioned, playing a key role in an area that’s constantly changing."

“Although I had a degree in Economics and Politics from Loughborough, which was certainly helpful, I really applied myself in the application and selection process.  It was when I came to the face-to-face interview that I really knew this was where I wanted to work.  While there was a lot of tough competition from other very well qualified candidates at the assessment centre, I didn’t feel that anything was designed to make us feel pressured or intimidated. I knew 100% that it was the right place for me."

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve learnt a lot. Everyone collaborates and I’m able to offer my own input plus you get access to senior people at a very early stage. My first role was a technical one, which surprised me, as I had no background in terms of programming and wouldn’t necessarily have applied for a technology programme. It was a steep learning curve but I was supported the whole way. That’s part of the attraction of LSEG – the opportunity to try new things."

“Now, I’m working in Real Time Data team,  which is a business development role.  I’m currently looking at  a new pipeline of customers, doing my own research and hopefully generating new business.  Looking ahead to the future, I may like to take on a sales role and I think there will almost certainly be opportunities for international travel."

“One thing I’m really proud of is the charity football event that I helped to organise with other graduates who joined LSEG at the same time. Although I’m a Chelsea supporter, we actually ended up holding it at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, which was a great venue and very attractive to the clients and partners who took part. We were given licence to formulate the tournament, which was a time-consuming and responsible job. The event ended up raising £36,000 for charity and we also really helped to raise the profile of the company.”