Meet Hannah

  • Studied at Nottingham
  • Joined in September 2014
  • Now on second rotation in Capital Markets, London

“I interned with London Stock Exchange Group two years ago and enjoyed working here so much that I decided I had to come back."

“The business-facing side of the role here was what made it really stand out from the other opportunities I was considering. As an economics student, much of the work experience I did with other employers was very researched focused. I’m quite a social person, and eventually I realised that I really wanted a role with more client-interaction. During my internship, I saw that a lot of the work LSEG does involves liaising and interacting with other companies in the financial sphere and that really appealed to me."

“Having completed my first rotation with the Rules and Compliance division I am now working with the Primary Markets team. Part of my job here has been to develop new ideas and I’ll often attend conferences to market our products. It’s a very entrepreneurial role and an excellent launch-pad because of the many different responsibilities it involves."

“I’m constantly talking with people across different divisions, including those on the IT as well as the business side, or making calls to clients about the work we’re doing. We often collaborate with other participants, so I find myself in a lot of interesting meetings with banks, investment funds and various other companies."

“There’s never a typical week here; recently I’ve been helping to launch a new product we’ve been developing, which has just gone live. It’s an online platform where companies, institutional investors and intermediaries can engage with one another, a little bit like a social network. It’s a very innovative project, so being involved at the ground level has been really exciting. It’s almost like working for a start-up. The launch of the beta phase of the product was a particular highlight. We sponsored a big conference – our CEO was there at the launch and we spent the day networking with industry participants."

“Since then, I’ve also had the chance to travel to Milan to meet the team at Borsa Italiana, which was a fantastic experience. There are lots of opportunities for graduates to work abroad, so it’s definitely an option I might look to explore for my final rotation."

“LSEG is a very friendly place to work. It’s a social environment and people are very approachable. You can have a good work/life balance and enjoy your time outside of work. I play a lot of sport – training most nights each week and playing matches at the weekend."