Meet Gaj

Meet Gaj

  • Studied at University of Sydney
  • Joined in September 2012
  • Now in a permanent role in Risk in New York City

“I studied Finance and Econometrics  at the University of Sydney for my undergraduate degree before heading to Cass Business School in London to take a Master’s in Mathematical Trading and Finance."

“When I was considering new opportunities, I really liked the look of LCH.Clearnet, which is now a part of LSEG. It was a unique firm in terms of its position in the market as a major clearing house and I was confident that I’d be able to get a good level of exposure there."

“Today, with regulation driving a lot of change within the OTC derivatives market, we’re really helping to shape how the market performs and play a pivotal role in influencing the way certain products are traded, such as interest-rate swaps, for example."

“I worked in product management for SwapClear on my first graduate rotation, where I was responsible for looking at product and service enhancements. It gave me an in-depth understanding of the clearing service end-to end and the peculiarities of different products. I was involved in a paper we submitted to the Bank of England, which successfully argued for the extension of tenor on overnight index swaps that we could accept for clearing."

“From there, I went to the business-as-usual risk team – looking at risk methodologies and the charging of margins. This gave me more access to clients and members to whom I would be required to communicate our risk framework. My final rotation was with the Risk Change team. Here we would be responsible for looking at new projects and service releases from a risk perspective. We also worked on the firm’s default management process in which we simulate a potential default of a large member bank."

“Towards the end of your final rotation, you’re encouraged to be proactive in contacting managers in areas you’d like to work. My conversations started perhaps five months in advance. There was an opportunity and I was very pleased to get the chance to travel to New York. I have taken on a role which is very much a hybrid of the work I did in my final two rotations."

“The office here is a little smaller, which is great, as it’s easier to get to know everyone. I’m also enjoying living and working in New York, which is really high-energy and fast-paced. It takes a little bit of adjusting to, but I could easily imagine spending a considerable amount of time here. I’m taking the opportunity to travel within the US and have been involved in some of our corporate responsibility work here. We raised funds recently for disadvantaged youths through a 10k run.”