Capital Markets

  • Raising capital and ensuring liquidity

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Through its Captial Markets platforms, LSEG offers market participants, unrivalled access to Europe's capital markets. The Group also plays a vital economic and social role, enabling companies, including SMEs, to access funds for growth and development.

High-growth businesses want to fulfil their true potential. Our primary markets in London and Milan enable companies from around the globe to efficiently raise capital and fund growth.  

We are able to offer real choice for a range of companies looking to list. Some may be worth multiple billions, but others might be £10m enterprises with a great potential for expansion. 

In the secondary markets, our clients are banks and brokers who trade on our fixed-income, equity and derivative platforms. We create a deep pool of liquidity that allows active and efficient trading. It’s a dynamic, fast-paced environment in which instant reaction and long-term vision can be equally important.

The Group operates a broad range of international equity, bond and derivatives markets, including London Stock Exchange; Borsa Italiana; MTS, Europe's leading fixed income market; and Turquoise, offering UK and Russian derivatives trading, pan-European and US lit and dark equity trading.

A world that continually evolves

There is no doubt you will find yourself at the heart of a world which is constantly transforming itself.  You’ll gain a fascinating insight into innovative, fast-moving companies, as well as exposure to key areas of policy and regulation.

Our market place is increasingly competitive. Companies not only have a choice of different exchanges on which to list, but also a variety of ways in which to raise finance.  If you’re analytical, literate and have the credibility to work with varied stakeholders and client groups, there are potentially fascinating opportunities and complex challenges ahead. You might find yourself working with members of the management team to support business development pitches, for instance, interpreting analytics for clients, or interacting directly with the trading side of the business.

Demonstrating integrity. Seeing the bigger picture.

To succeed in Capital Markets, you need to be able to look beyond the narrow confines of a product and see the wider economic context of your work. It’s also vitally important that you’re able to embody the principles of integrity for which the London Stock Exchange has always stood. Our business, after all, is still built on trust.