Learning & Development

  • Talent Development

We offer an intensive induction programme which will provide you with a deeper insight to our business, as well as equipping you with the specific skills you'll need to hit the ground running. 

Whether you have joined the technology or business programme you'll receive a bespoke series of technical and soft skills trainings that are designed to give you the best possible start to your career.

Once you’re under way with the programme, you’ll be supported to achieve a relevant professional qualification. We also provide a tailored suite of graduate development workshops in areas such as project management, influencing and persuasion. It may be that you’ll identify specific learning and development opportunities that are particularly relevant to your own career route. If so, we’re always happy to discuss them.

You’ll meet with our graduate development team and look at any skills gap that you might have. We’ll try to find an effective solution, whether it’s pairing you up with a particular mentor, taking on a project outside your main rotation, participation in online e-learning or perhaps attending a workshop.  Your manager and mentor will give you informal advice, which will support our rigorous performance management process.

Each rotation will be reviewed at both the mid-point and end-point. The aim is to prepare you for a wide variety of stimulating roles within the business at the end of the graduate programme.

We’re carefully monitoring the current circumstances and where face-to-face is not possible our training programmes will remain in place and we will provide online learning and virtual sessions to support continuous growth and development.