What the Summer Interns had to say about the programme


"I can certainly see myself returning to the London Stock Exchange Group as graduate to working and understand different parts of the business. The opportunities available at London Stock Exchange Group have been immense and I can only foresee that would been the same as a graduate." - Sami

"I have gained great teamwork experience, communication skills and technical knowledge. I have had the opportunity to attend different types of events, the highlights include the visit of the Mongolian Prime Minister , the Indian Ministry of Finance visit, the Climate Change Foreign Office event and Women Inspired Network meetings" - Ioana

"This internship is an opportunity for me to contribute to a multinational institution, and for me to decide if it is the right career for me. I think I have come up with the answer of yes as I have had great experience and exposure from my time here." - Adam

"Usually during summer schemes there is the risk of being considered as a passer by, hence no specific task is assigned. For me, it was the opposite. I really appreciated the fact of being exposed to the operations business in full, always dealing with tasks and having the chance of truly making an impact." - Fabio

"I have relished the opportunity to work in Primary markets and the PMK Analytics team at London Stock Exchange this Summer" - Sami

"The internship proved to be a successful experience for me – meeting new people, being exposed to diverse environments and working in a complex professional environment contributed to my holistic development. I am now one step closer to becoming an all-rounded future professional" - Ioana

"I would highly recommend the internship to anyone interested in foreign exchange from a technical perspective, especially to those interested in risk. I will definitely miss coming into work and am really quite sad that I won’t be able to be here for the end-stage of the options project!" - Jack

"The last nine weeks have flown by and I find myself reluctant to finish and wanting to stay on longer" - Adam

"I had a really amazing experience at LSEG, working for the summer in Primary Markets. LSEG gives you a unique perspective on what happens in the Financial Services industry and I would highly recommend this experience to anybody with a keen interest in this sector." - Emanuele

"I feel that the summer internship programme has been a wholly positive experience. It has been a brilliant opportunity to learn a great deal about an institution and its activities" - Raphael

"What I loved about working at LSEG is how you get great exposure to the managing staff even when you are an intern. At the Group I found people that valued my ideas, as well as being always available to share their experience and thoughts, furthermore I felt like I could make an actual impact with my work." - Emanuele

"Being in touch with teams from all over the world really gave me a sense of being in an international environment." - Fabio

"I really enjoyed this internship and the team I was assigned to. I really learned a lot, especially how working life is different from what I studied during my university classes." - Matteo

"I’m pleased with the amount I’ve learnt over the last 9 weeks. I started the placement with very limited financial knowledge, and leave having given a presentation on EuroMTS’ market structure" - Tristan

"Overall I have enjoyed the internship very much, being permitted to take control of my own software development project was very insightful and allowed me to experience firsthand the ideas and concerns that arise over the course of software design, implementation and handover." - Matthew

"I found this to be a really nice environment and the work I’ve been doing has been challenging and stimulating at the same time. There are no words to describe how much I have learnt in these two months." - Sarah

"Overall, I have had a really great experience in ForexClear Risk. My role has always given me something interesting to do and there is always somebody willing to help or answer any questions I have had. It was very easy to settle in and get working, and the atmosphere is always very friendly." - Jack

"From a practical point of view, I have improved my abilities to perform an efficient analysis and through the extensive use of Bloomberg terminal, I have learned some really useful functions." - Matteo

"The research and development team have been amazing. Always generous with their time and patient with my endless streams of questions. Would recommend any future grads or interns to work alongside them." - Adam

"I have enjoyed the Corporate Social Responsibility Project where we interns were able to conduct our own meetings, conference calls, research and presentations. This was a great opportunity to develop strong friendships with others on the programme, as well as presenting me with the challenge of balancing different work and projects" - Raphael

"Working on this project gave me the chance to learn how to use different functions on Bloomberg and to look into markets very different from the LSE (other European stock exchanges)" - Emmanuele

"I have benefited from outstanding support from my team and I have been inspired by their professionalism and work. I have enjoyed the work and had the chance to enquire about other areas of the Group. I have gained knowledge from Market Operations, Primary Markets, ELITE, Group Strategy and FTSE Technology." - Ioana

"Meeting & networking with all the employees throughout the duration of the internship has been very enjoyable, from meeting other interns to members of executive committees. The opportunity to meet such a wide variety of people is quite rare and as such I believe it has been a good boost to my interpersonal skills." - Matthew

"I have appreciated the level of responsibility that has been placed on me and feel that this has helped provide me with the further drive to achieve my goals throughout the programme." - Raphael

"All in all, my experience this summer has been eye-opening from the work I have done to the people I have met. It has been a great pleasure working for London Stock Exchange Group and I hope you will consider me for the 2016 Graduate class intake." - Sami