Vincent Prieur

Vincent Prieur


BSc Economics: London School of Economics


  • First: Business Analyst & Market Operations Support, Turquoise
  • Second: Communications and Investor Relations
  • Third: Business Development, Equities and Derivatives Markets
  • Permanent role: Product Development, Equities and Derivatives Markets

LSEG’s graduate programme has helped me successfully launch my career – I’ve secured the place I was hoping for in my final post. I’ve just started my permanent role in Product Development in Equities and Derivatives Markets. I found the transition very smooth – actually, I have the same boss I had in my final rotation in Milan. I angled for that rotation because I wanted to get the skills I planned to use in my onward career; I wanted to learn the maximum I could from people who had been running Derivatives Markets for 15 years. I learned a lot there and that set me up for the role I’m in now.

The structure allows you to discover the business, then go where you fit. You arrive, you rotate, and you don’t know where you’re going next. I first joined Turquoise as a Business Analyst, and I know my experience would have been completely different if I had started elsewhere. HR tries to put you where you will get a mixture of being the best fit and being the most challenged. So I was placed in Communications. I’m not qualitative, I’m not a native English speaker, I never did any dissertations the whole of my academic career – just maths. And then there I was in communications, learning soft skills that are hard to measure, in a completely new world for me. I was surprised. I had asked for something completely different – but I saw this as an occasion to learn. It’s part of the deal. You have to evolve and learn things that you haven’t before. Even if you’re really sure you want to specialise, this is an opportunity to learn along the way.

Before I came here, I didn’t realise that LSEG would hire people. On an Economics course like mine, there was an incredible lack of diversity in terms of where people go – most people are completely investment banking focused. But I wasn’t looking for a banking job. As I discovered what a stock exchange is all about, I found it fascinating learning why they exist, and do what they’ve done for centuries. Now is a totally different period for finance than it used to be. We need to focus on the fundamentals. A business like LSEG creates jobs and makes the economy work. Our purpose is clear and transparent. We’re an infrastructure institution. We’re at the centre point of the markets. We have a lot of diversity, with a less regimented role structure than you see in the banks. You can walk 10 metres on the floor, and you’ll find someone who does something completely different than anything you’ve done. There are so many activities in such a small Group.

Our culture is changing. We’ve revolutionised in the past 10 years – and it seems like there is always a new evolution on the horizon. From big bang to e-trading, from monopoly to competition, mixing in all the innovations in technology – it never stays the same. It’s a place for entrepreneurs. My part of the business (Turquoise Derivatives) feels like a startup. We’re trying to get market share as we launch products and create indices, while under the LSEG umbrella. In competition, you always have to innovate.

This is an alternative to a typical finance job. I would encourage graduates to think outside the norm and be innovative about their career choices. This may not be the first natural destination, but the world is changing and finance isn’t like it was 20 years ago. Starting your finance career here can lead to a really successful future.