Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker



BSc Economics with French: Cardiff University


  • First: Sales and Relationship Management, Post Trade

I graduated with a degree in Economics from Cardiff a year ago, and I’ve been working in London since then, first on an internship within European Financing, and then a second internship with a consultancy firm. It’s given me some variety in my background and some perspective on the business skills I want to grow. There are so many paths you can follow. I’m a natural all-rounder and I wanted a programme that would develop me overall. LSEG is perfect.

I’ve only just been accepted into the programme at LSEG and have already begun having incredible experiences. They told me I would be pushed outside my comfort zone? Well, I can’t even see my comfort zone anymore. Not only am I being sent to Milan for my first placement, but it’s in Post Trade, which is exactly what I had been hoping for. It’s at the forefront of change in the Group as we diversify. My friends ask me what it’s all about and I have to be honest: I don’t completely know yet. But ask me in six months, because I know how much I’m going to learn and that’s what this graduate programme is all about. I think these six months will be the best of my life so far.

My next assignment is still to be determined, but it’s exciting not knowing what’s coming next. I’m geared toward Capital Markets right now, but I’m looking forward to opening up to the learning experience of working in different parts of the business. This programme is set up to help you learn how far you can push yourself. It allows you to test out which departments will get the best of you.

For anyone thinking about joining, I can’t recommend the open event highly enough. It completely sold me – by the time it was finished, I knew I had to work with LSEG. Our CEO, Xavier Rolet is changing the way the Group thinks and to have him, plus the COO and the Head of HR - all at a graduate recruitment event - shows how high profile this programme is within the organisation. Attending is an invaluable experience for anyone thinking about joining.

The recruitment process was very supportive. I prepared meticulously for my interview because I knew it would be competitive. It was good and straightforward; I asked all the questions I had and I was well-received. I had the same contact throughout the entire process, which was great for me because I always felt there was someone I could talk to, who would help with everything. Now I’m off to Milan – I’m nervous and excited but I’m ready to make the most of the opportunity