Mattia Bacciardi

Mattia Bacciardi



Master in Economics and Law: Bologna University

MSc in Political Science and Political Economy: London School of Economics

Master in European Studies: Luiss “Guido Carli” University

Bachelor degree in Political Science: Luiss “Guido Carli” University


  • First: Corporate Technology Services, Technology
  • Second: Product Development, Equities and Derivatives Markets
  • Third: Strategy and Planning

I’ve been working at LSEG for just under a year and have worked in Corporate Technology, Equities and Derivatives Markets and I now work as part of the Strategy and Planning team.

The Equities and Derivatives team was a great fit for me because it allowed me to apply what I learned at university. I could actually see the impact my work was having on the business.  My team supported me in learning new things, but they also trusted me, involving me in key business developments and asking serious questions. My assignment in Strategy has been valuable in a different way, giving me exposure to LSEG functions at a company level and giving me a better understanding of the wider Group.

In Italy, people from the top ten universities tend to go abroad for career opportunities. There aren’t many graduate programmes that allow you to continue learning after university as part of a global business. LSEG is a very diverse business and the rotational programme allows you to experience a range of roles that give you a perspective on the industry. Even as a graduate, you will take full responsibility for your work and the results you deliver.

Before I joined LSEG, I thought it sounded like a bank and I pictured a busy trading floor and a very structured organisation with thousands of people. The reality is very different – in fact, there’s no trading floor and it’s not at all hierarchical. It feels as dynamic as a startup, with an assertive business strategy and lots of energetic people. It’s a well-respected institution, with prestige as well as influence. LSEG is the heart of the City, connected to New York, Hong Kong and the rest of the world.

I came here for the heritage and for the full exposure to the business. I knew that by working in a range of different disciplines, I would build variety into my career development. You can learn things here that you wouldn’t normally learn elsewhere - like Post Trade. It’s rewarding to work directly with functions that are hot topics in financial services.

Even though the programme involves going on rotations, you will find it’s not difficult to move into the areas that are right for your development. Of course there is a trade-off between specialisation and variety, but after a year of experiencing the business, you are much better prepared to understand what you want to do with your career.