Meet Sofia

Meet Sofia

Meet Sofia
  • Studied at University of Cambridge
  • Joined in September 2016
  • Now on second rotation in Group Risk

“I studied Accounting and Finance to Masters level before switching to Computer Science. Entering a completely new field was challenging, but I knew that having an understanding of both technology and finance would open up multiple career possibilities for me. The LSEG graduate programme seemed like it would offer visibility of both industries – I felt this would give me a sense of the kind of work I really wanted to do.

“My current rotation is with LSEG’s Group Risk division. My team is responsible for monitoring risk across all of the Group’s operations, so it’s an extremely important part of the business. Day-to-day, I’m involved in evaluating the different levels of counterparty risk that LSEG is exposed to through the various partners and customers we work with. We are constantly trying to predict and pre-empt market events, and it’s our job to create financial risk models around different scenarios, such as a market crash. This allows us to gauge our exposure to potential dangers and determine how they could impact the Group’s operations.

“I joined the team in the run-up to the UK general election. We spent a lot of time analysing polling data and watching how the financial markets were reacting to the changing shape of the key political campaigns. Being constantly in step with developments in the political world and the rest of the economy is really exciting. The work we do is very time-sensitive, which makes for an intense working environment. Each day is completely different to the last, so I never know quite what to expect when I arrive at my desk each morning.

“I really like the fact that everyone here, regardless of their role or level of experience, is listened to and has their own part to play in how the business performs. People are also very approachable, and there isn’t the divide between senior and junior employees that you sometimes see in other companies. My team has monthly meetings with the Chief Financial Officer of the Group, for example, and I am involved in the preparation of the material to be discussed.”