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The Group offers a full range of Post Trade services, providing risk management and efficiency for traders. Based in Italy, CC&G provides clearing services to a number of Group and other trading venues. Following completion of the acquisition of a majority stake in LCH in May 2013, the Group now has majority ownership of clearing services in the UK, continental Europe and the US. This business will be reported as a separate segment in future

Post Trade services are essential to the functioning of healthy markets, helping to manage risk and maintain liquidity.  It’s important for all market participants to know that protections and safeguards are in place. Increasingly, it’s a requirement of legislators and regulators too.

The idea of a ‘clearing house’ is actually nothing new. The facility to clear trades has been well established for over a century. In the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, however, the service is more high-profile than ever. It’s not just something understood by banks, but an issue that is on the agenda of the US President, German Chancellor and British Prime Minister.

The current regulatory environment means the role of clearing houses is set to expand significantly over the coming years. As a result, Post Trade is an increasingly pivotal part of our business and an area of intense change and competition. Managing risk and sustaining liquidity in markets is a huge responsibility, but creates a great many exciting opportunities.